From Tears to Triumph: Renuka’s Story of Strength with Therapy

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When life moves at a breakneck pace, the importance of mental health often goes unnoticed. The pressure to succeed academically and professionally can be overwhelming, and personal struggles are frequently pushed aside. Yet, within these challenges lies the potential for incredible growth and transformation. This is the story of how therapy became a lifeline for a young student, helping her navigate the turbulent waters of emotional distress and emerge stronger, more resilient, and at peace with herself.

“I lived with my maternal grandparents for over a decade and that limited my father’s presence to weekend visits but he always made up for it by being there for all the functions and all the awards ceremonies and everything.” 

Renuka’s mother was pursuing her PhD at Delhi University hence the complexities in family dynamics. She lived most of her childhood at her grandparents’, making the environment less than friendly at times. 

This period was particularly challenging due to the unkind comments from people around them. The support from her maternal grandparents, especially her late grandfather, who taught her the importance of respect and kindness, was a beacon of strength for her.

“I had a vibrant childhood filled with hobbies like arts and crafts, swimming, playing the keyboard, etc. I cleared three grades of Trinity College, London, as well when I was a kid, proving that I was a studious kid. I also got certified for being among the top 10 kids in my batch, and my friends called me a nerd.”

Despite her vibrant childhood, Renuka faced significant emotional challenges that led her to seek therapy.

In school, Renuka faced bullying because of her weight, and even though she excelled academically, her friendships were often superficial. Many classmates sought her help only for academic purposes, leaving her feeling used and isolated. 

“This pattern continued into college and I struggled to find genuine friends. However, over time, I formed a few deep and meaningful friendships. One such friend was from school, who has been with me for the past eight years, and another from college, Vanni. These two people have been my pillars of support.”

Despite these friendships, Renuka found herself unable to confide in them about her deepest struggles. The tipping point came when she cried every day for three months, unable to find peace of mind or solace in her studies. 

“I came to know about YourDOST from my university which collaborates with the organisation as their official mental health partner. Here, I met Ms Ritika Dalal who became my therapist for the coming days.”

Her first encounter with her counsellor marked the beginning of her healing journey. Rithika provided a safe and non-judgmental space for Renuka to open up and work through her issues gradually with her.

“I lost many friends, who were very dear to me in the span of only two, to three years and it hit me hard as I was friends with one of them for two years, one for six and a half years. However, I was very attached to all of them, but lost them in the blink of an eye.”

Renuka began taking regular sessions with Ms Ritika. She could just rant to her, even if there were no solutions. Sometimes she didn’t even want the solutions because it was difficult to process what happened suddenly in her life.

Therapy sessions focused on several key areas, such as journaling, which helped Renuka organize her thoughts and emotions. This technique, along with acknowledging her emotions and celebrating small achievements, gradually shifted her focus from negativity to positivity.

“A pivotal lesson from Rithika was the realization that others treated me poorly because I let them. This insight profoundly changed how I interacted with others, fostering self-respect and assertiveness.”

Through therapy, she experienced significant improvements in emotional regulation, reduced anxiety, and improved sleep quality, essential for her overall well-being. 

“If I can put it poetically, imagine a jar full of candies of every flavour that you can imagine. Now after going through the healing journey, not all the flavours are finished, but from 100, it’s now to 35 or 40. To understand better, just exchange the flavours with emotions.”

Renuka recalls not being able to sleep at all but now she has started sleeping again. She regained her peace of mind and her anxiety levels reduced enormously. She explains that she’s still far from being all better, but has come a long way and is happy with her improvement.

“She helped me get better in ways I couldn’t have without her. She knew how low I had gone because I lost my partner at that very time. I started getting attached to her but she helped me see the consequences and pulled me out again. She’ll always be super special to me as she’s my first therapist and I can’t thank her enough for being there for me.”

Renuka’s journey is a testament to the power of seeking help and the transformative impact of therapy. She rates herself 3.5 out of 5 in terms of feeling better and envisions improvement as being happy and attaining peace of mind.

We at YourDOST are proud to be a part of Renuka’s journey and wish her continued growth and success in the future!

Renuka’s Warrior Tips:
1.“Trust your instincts: If something feels off, it probably is. Listen to your inner voice.”
2.“Patience is key: Life works in mysterious ways as it is like a math equation that evens out gradually with time.”
3.Seek help when needed: Don’t hesitate to seek professional help if you’re struggling. You owe it to yourself to get better.”

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