Pallavis’ Story Of Choosing A Life Filled With Transformation with YourDOST

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In the heart of Hyderabad, amidst the bustling city, our resilient warrior Pranjali, 28-year-old, Lead screener working at Randstad embarked on a transformative journey with a goal in mind—seeking therapy for the impending milestone of her life. 

Pallavi is known for her ambition and unwavering self-belief. With a hardworking spirit that knows no bounds, she embodies the essence of determination and tenacity. Her story is a testament to her never-giving-up attitude and a beacon of self-dependence. 

She lives in Hyderabad with her caring family and enjoys driving, traveling, and exploring fashion. 

She lives with almost 6 elders in her family and she expressed that they are joyful and fun-loving as a family.

Despite being a responsible and independent woman, she found herself caught in the conundrum of choosing a life partner. The fear of solitude gnawed at her, and the quest for the right companion seemed like an elusive dream.

“I was confused and needed clarity from someone who could guide me. It was time for me to tie the knots and I got married to somebody and was slowly finding ways to adjust.” 

The everyday hustle and stress brought sleepless nights for Pallavi. It was getting difficult for her and she desperately needed a guiding light to pass through the tunnel. The path ahead seemed shrouded in mist.

Her organization introduced her to the YourDOST platform as it had partnered with Randstad to provide mental health solutions to all the students and its faculty. 

In her pursuit of clarity, Pallavi found solace in the counseling sessions with Ms Sameeksha Razdan

n. Initially skeptical, she gave the process a chance to understand and get clarity. 

Her counselor recommended a few exercises and techniques for her to follow and overcome the difficulties that she was facing. 

“I was recently married when everything started going haywire, having to stay with somebody for 24 hours felt new, and settling down with them took time.”

As a person, she was somebody who was always freaked out, nervous and couldn’t sleep most of the time. Her negative thoughts kept spiraling pushing her to re-think her marriage and managing work and marriage was also hard for her and that is why she decided to seek professional help.

pranjali mentioned that her counselor gave her a lot of homework, and journaling, and helped her with her introspection,  She expressed that she became mindful. Her blindspots were visible, worked on her childhood trauma actively. 

“All the confusion was replaced by clarity and I found all the answers to my complex questions. This whole journey has emerged as a beacon of hope to keep moving forward in life.” 

Pranjal finds herself to be in a better place mentally because of all the techniques and exercises. It has brought calm and clarity over her clouded head. As she reflects on her journey, she rates herself an excellent 5 out of 5 in terms of getting better post her therapy sessions which have made her self-equipped to handle all the challenges that life poses to her. 

“These sessions changed my life and I am still taking these sessions. Managing myself, my finances, fitness, working on my confidence, and not panicking in stressful situations. She taught me to deal with things better. I am calm and composed.”

Pallavi’s Warrior Tips:
1.“Always find the people you relate with to share your deepest fears, issues and feelings.”
2.“Take counseling as sitting with deteriorating mental health will affect those around you.”
3.“Stress, if left unattended, morphs into a silent adversary. Always make sure to be stress-free.”

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