Palak’s Uplifting Story of Calming Her Anger And Frustration Through Therapy

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23-year-old Palak shares her story of how therapy altered her perspective from once being ‘consumed by anger’ to now feeling grateful about everything in life. She works from Randstad and is a Recruitment Co-ordinator there. She currently lives in Bangalore and works as an HR and has two siblings, an elder sister and a younger brother. She is closer to her sister. 

Palak expressed that she enjoys journaling and travelling as a part of her hobbies. 

Life was going pretty well for her until the Covid-19 pandemic flipped the world upside down. She expressed that her work is remote and when she started working she was at home. 

“I underwent relationship issues and was not sure if I enjoyed working. There was a lot of confusion and I needed guidance and clarity.” 

It was around this time that Palak decided to seek professional help as she saw herself going down a dark road and losing herself she wanted to reverse this situation and came across YourDOST.

“I did not want validation but just wanted to hear a professional perspective to my issues.” 

Recalling her anger outbursts and other issues, Palak mentions how she was not in the right state of mind to think anything. As such situations occurred back to back, it was getting difficult for her to cope with them.

“My organisation is partnered with YourDOST so I decided to take the help of therapy to calm my anger and be stable again.”

With supportive friends who encouraged Palak to seek therapy to and easy accessibility to the YourDOST platform, she began her counseling journey. She did not carry any preconceptions about the sessions and went with an open mind.

She had an open mindset with therapy and mentioned that it saves people from unnecessary stress and also provides them with space to discuss issues that they couldn’t even share with family. 

Ms Sharmili Ghosh was her counselor and she began booking regular sessions with her. 

“I was in a bad phase when I reached out to her and I just needed somebody to listen to me and she was there. It was comforting and welcoming to speak of my ongoing problems.” 

Upon hearing Palak’s concerns with anger her counselor suggested a few techniques Palak was suggested to open up more, journal and also focus on things that she enjoyed doing.

“I wish I was more consistent with my therapy process as when changes began to happen I would stop myself from attending sessions.” 

Though she was unable to follow a few techniques through and through, one of the techniques suggested by her counselor worked wonders for him.

“I knew I had to be transparent, so I shared everything with my counselor. I opened up pretty quickly. My counselor was very patient towards me. My counselor suggested that I should think about gratitude on a larger scale. She taught me how helping people can help me reduce anger and feel calmer.”

She started seeing things with a newer perspective now. She feels great to have spoken with such a counselor which helped him vent out without any judgements.

In terms of feeling better Palak rated herself with a 3.5 out of 5 and we are proud of her and her journey. 

By believing in herself and showing sheer determination to get better, slowly and steadily, she turned her life around with a little help from therapy! From all of us at YourDOST, Palak, you’re a brilliant example of turning bad things around with ambition and zeal, and we wish you all the best in your future endeavours!

Palak’s Warrior Tips:
1.“Believe in yourself. Learn to always fix your life by taking accountability for your life.”
2.“Go out in the social set-up, expose yourself to others and build good bonds. ”
3.“Reach out to professional help even if it means ranting.”

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