Harish’s Story Of How He Found Light At The End Of The Tunnel Through Counseling

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“Learn to light a candle in the darkest moments of someone’s life. Be the light that helps others see; it is what gives life its deepest significance.”

― Roy T. Bennett

Harish is a 30-year-old spirited individual who was working at ResponsAbility as an Economist. He is from Mumbai and has lived in Pune for a short period. Growing up, he enjoyed the comfort of a good home and his lovable moms cooked food. 

As he was the only child he lived with his parents and also explained that he was studious, was pampered growing up. 

“I am grateful for the love and care my parents gave and also for having raised me in an affectionate environment. It helped me gain good exposure and grow as a person.”  

While things were slowly shaping up for him, his family decided to find a suitable bride for him and began looking for alliances. Harish was looking forward to this new phase in life and stayed optimistic. 

Professionally he was doing well but in his bride-searching rendezvous things started taking a back seat.

“I got engaged to somebody my parents found for me and it broke off in a month. Things happened quickly and I was consumed with stress.”  

Harish was heartbroken and confused as it all happened suddenly without any hints. As this was an important milestone for somebody and when it does not work out you end up feeling powerless and confused and in Harish’s case it was no different. 

A lot of his issues were that he was always disturbed and watching his whole future crumble down just like that was unsettling for him. 

“I kept on oscillating between how much was it my fault, and what could have been done differently. I started feeling helpless, there was a lack of conviction.”

He expressed that he was conscious enough to understand that the environment was not conducive and he could not do much. 

It was also around this time he came across YourDOST’s counseling service through his ex-employer. His counselors name was Ms. Sameeksha. 

“I appreciated how it was a video conversation and this was good. She was a patient listener and accommodated space and time for me to just rant and this felt comfortable.” 

He mentioned how he was always happy that he had something to take back home and that she was open to listening. 

As a part of his therapy process, he was suggested with Breathing exercises and morning pages (jotting down his thoughts). He followed almost 70% of the suggestions she suggested and it helped him a lot. 

He religiously practised everything his counselor taught him and this provided him with courage. 

“Acceptance became easier, I stopped engaging in self-blame/self-victimisation for the issue. I lived through it and gave myself another chance to be hopeful.” 

It is interesting how with the right kind of tools and techniques Harish was able to get his feet back on track and continue approaching forward. We at YourDOST are super happy for him and wish him all the very best. 

“I keep telling myself that no matter what happens in life in may pull you down but you will also bounce back faster.”

When we asked him if he had a word of gratitude he wished to share with his counselor he expressed that:

“She helped me become more aware of my emotions and started alleviating falling into spiralling patterns. I always looked forward to speaking with her.”

On a scale of 1 to 5, Harish rated himself with a 4 on 5 in terms of feeling better after his therapy sessions. 

Harish finally spotted the light he was looking after and the light at the end of the tunnel was his ability to self-prioritise and practice self-love. 

Harish’s Warrior Tips:
1.“There is always light at the end of the tunnel”
2.“Staying optimistic is what will save you, good days and bad days are all part of becoming a better version of yourself.”

Team YourDOST

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