Uncovering the Illuminating Path of Self-Discovery With Therapy- Journey of Shraddha

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Being in love and forming a connection of trust with the person you love is like a beautiful flower. You love looking at it, nourishing it and protecting the flower from withering away. However, now and then, it is crucial to look after the roots to ensure they are intact, or to rephrase, take a peek inside yourself and understand who you are as a person.

Meet Shraddha, a 28-year-old Content Manager working at upGrad. Born and raised in Mumbai, this Mumbaikar has lived in the city of dreams for 25 long years.

Shraddha describes her childhood as a delightful one. She has an unbreakable bond with her younger sister and is close to her mother. They are a close-knit family, and she is working on mending her relationship with her father.  

Shraddha learned about the YourDOST platform from her company as they collaborated with the organisation as the official mental health partner.

“I met my therapist, Rashmita, on the platform. Initially, I hesitated to speak up about my concerns, but Rashmita was sweet and friendly and made me feel comfortable.” 

Shraddha found a friend and confidant in her therapist and gradually opened up about her concerns.

Shraddha was in and out of relationships for a long time and never had a space for self-introspection. She describes her current partner as extremely secure and knowledgeable, and he pushed her to take therapy.

“I had frequent anxiety attacks and stress. I desperately wanted to improve the quality of my life and save my relationship with my partner, which was the best for me.”

Shraddha had been in relationships for a long time and hadn’t been single for enough time. She did not understand herself and felt disconnected from herself and the people around her. She wanted to be comfortable in her skin, be stable and control her emotions.

“I realised later on that it wasn’t only my self-esteem that was down, but there were triggers present in my family also.”

When Shraddha used to go back to her home, her parents would fight with each other, which made her feel utterly unsafe. Her parents’ relationship with each other was not so great, resulting in a hostile environment at home at times. 

“When situations arise where my father and mother are arguing, it is my job to take care of my sister, make everything alright and keep them from fighting further. It happens even now and I’m tired of being the sole responsibility of the house.”

These situations pressured her to be the caretaker of the family. Eventually, she aimed to be less triggered by the circumstances and be self-aware with the help of therapy, even though her parents were not supportive of the concept.

“My therapist helped me with the 54321 technique for stress-busting for times when I was too anxious to function. She also helped me learn the deep breathing techniques to combat overwhelming emotions.”

Along with the physical techniques, Ms Rashmita suggested journaling the turmoil of emotions as and when they occur. This technique helped Shraddha more than she could fathom, making her realise she was on the right track. She gradually started slowing down on the activities but now realises their significance and wants to try them back.

“I gradually started taking things lightly rather than seeing them as a personal attack. I started doing small things for myself that made me feel happier.”

Shraddha can now quickly analyse her triggers and calm herself down. She has improved her emotional outbursts and self-awareness significantly. 

“Rashmita is very sweet and is an amazing listener. She understands the gravity of my situation and helps me without judgment. She knows her way through things and has been a good friend to me in dire times.”

Shraddha has rated herself a solid 4 on 5 in terms of feeling better after sessions. She sees gradual improvement in being comfortable with uncomfortable situations. 

We at YourDOST are proud of her journey and wish her the very best for the future!

Shraddha’s Warrior Tips:
1.“I think you should not take therapy as something complicated but as a space to share your concerns without feelings of judgment.”
2.“Getting a good listener is a blessing, so give it a try.”
3.“Reach out to professional help even if it means ranting.”

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