This is Deepak’s Story Of Unlocking His Confidence Booster Through Therapy

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Deepak is 26 and is a compassionate and reserved person who belongs to  Chennai buzzing with art and theatrical culture. He has completed his education and works as a Manager at BYJU. 

His bucket of hobbies includes watching movies and reading books. He comes from a family of five and lives with them in Chennai. Deepak mentioned that he is not very close to his family and enjoys staying alone.

He slowly started experiencing problems in his relationships with his family, work and his friends which led him to take up counseling. 

“I had issues of keeping it to myself and not trusting people because of which I lost contact with many of them. As a result, I developed anxiety and started keeping it to myself.” 

 It later on became a problem for him. His friends bullied him and tortured him as he was a reserved person. He expressed that a lot of his friends were fake, manipulated him and he has always had a negative viewpoint towards his friends.

His relationship with her parents, friends and other acquaintances was difficult to maintain. He realised that he had attachment issues with all the close people in his life. 

Due to low confidence and fear of confrontation, people around him started noticing that and started mocking him. 

“My friends bullied and mocked me as I was a reserved person. I started seeing how a lot of them were fake, manipulated me.” 

Deepak articulates how he has always had a negative viewpoint towards his friends. He started overthinking about every tiny thing that happened around him. 

At one point he reached a level of incapacity where he could not deal with it on his own anymore. His anxiety was soaring, his confidence was close to the ground and his unbeatable self-bias pressure. 

“I was always afraid coming home and wondered if today there would be fights or not.” 

He grew up in a family filled with heated arguments which would often put him through severe stress, fear and anxiety.

“After a lot of research on counselors from various platforms, I reached out to YourDOST through my organisation. I am glad and relieved to find my person on this platform.”

Deepak expressed, he understood that he had a social anxiety disorder. He kept himself hidden from crowds, work participation and much more and his counselor advised him to first get it checked by a psychiatrist in a hospital and then to present her with a report.

“Sanjana was such a good listener and is very empathetic as a person. I did not feel judged at any moment of my sessions.”

After building a successful rapport with Deepak, Sanjana recommended a few techniques where she asked him to analyse his fears and work through them.

He has started making conscious decisions, looking at their body language and studying the person thoroughly. His entire thought process changed and it helped 

He found these techniques easy to understand but unlearning and relearning new behaviours seemed challenging to him. But with time and determination, he was able to modify his behaviours. 

“I am thankful to my counselor, I found the right person to hear me out without judging my actions. He understood me from the minute I started opening up to her.”

The journey has had a lot of back-and-forth manoeuvres, but Deepak has been able to carve a niche for himself, the techniques have helped him to boost his confidence and change his perception of various stressful situations.

He rated himself 3 out of 5 in terms of getting better and has a long way to go. He believes in the gradual process of building self. Today he is much more confident and has regained control of his life.

Deepak’s Warrior Tips:
1.“Try it once and then decide if counseling is good or bad for you.”
2.“If you are not able to handle your emotions, there is nothing wrong with reaching out to someone to share your burden.”

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