The Story of Adya’s Life of Determination and Self-Worth With Counseling

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When a seed is planted in the ground, unless and until the entire environment is ideal for it to grow, it might wither before sprouting. Similarly in our lives, taking care of each aspect of life is crucial to lead a life of happiness and prosperity. Today we have Adya, a warrior who paved her way through various difficulties of life and emerged a victor in each of her life’s aspects.

A PhD student at the prestigious IIT Delhi, this 30-year-old was born and raised in a small town in Haryana and did her BTech and Mtech degrees before going for her PhD. 

“I lost my mother to a cardiac arrest while I was doing my BTech, and after the pandemic, I joined the PhD program at IIT Delhi.”

Adya loves dancing and also creates mandala art as her hobby. She loves cooking as a hobby but when her mother passed, she started doing it as a chore and lost her passion.

She faced some difficulties during her hostel days at IIT where she felt overwhelmed about living independently, working on her own and facing the fear of lagging in her work. 

Adya learned about the YourDOST platform from her institution which has collaborated with the organisation as their official mental health partner. Here she met Ms Diya Biswas who went on to become her therapist.

The first thing I noticed about her would be that she is a good listener and the primary thing that I needed at that moment was someone to just listen to my thought process.”

Adya considers herself as a person who is a good planner and organiser. Hence, when she began having difficulties working after the Pandemic, she started doubting her self-worth and productivity. The stress of her work front and personal concerns started affecting her personal life as well.

“My boyfriend of the time pointed out how my work pressures and mental stress were affecting our relationship. I did not want to be a person who was always overworked and had no regard for their personal life, and so turned to therapy.”

Even though Adya and her partner are not together today, she still makes it a point to keep her professional and personal lives separate and work on her triggers consistently. She follows a disciplined way of managing her emotions better and is conscious about working on her personal growth.

Ms Diya helped Adya understand her concerns with clarity and helped her with some activities to practise along with therapy. 

She recommended the 4-7-3 breathing  technique to calm myself down during palpitations and analyse each of my emotions. I also started journaling my thoughts and created a to-do list to improve my productivity and channel my energies into doing something impactful for myself.”

Adya began seeing the changes in herself and was hopeful about her improvement. Initially, she had issues conversing with even close friends but now she is capable of sharing her emotions and feelings openly with them.

Secondly, she was asked to face the complications of her separation from her partner and take in every emotion as it is without keeping them locked down forever. Adya started feeling much more free and enthusiastic and is still working on herself.

Adya is extremely grateful to Ms Diya Biswas for being the mentor and listener she longed for, and for enabling her to face concerns on her own.

“I would rate myself a 3.5 out of 5 in terms of feeling better and I see improvement as a positive change in life which I’m proud of.” 

We are equally proud of this young woman who has figured out how to navigate her life on her terms with the right amount of support and help. We wish Adya all the best in all her future endeavours!

Adya’s Warrior Tips:
1.“Mental health matters the most and working for it is a courageous step. .”
2.“You will feel a lot better when you share your concerns rather than hoarding them until it bursts out.”

Team YourDOST

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