The Journey From Pain to Prosperity With Therapy: Nourin’s Story of Strength

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The ability to keep your emotions to yourself is mostly seen as a strength that can be boasted about. However, this practice may affect negatively in the long run and cause major mental health pressures. Bottling up emotions and not expressing them at the right time can be harmful to not only your mind but your body as well.

Meet Nourin, a 29-year-old from the beautiful Dehradun, Uttarakhand. She completed her B Tech and MBA from the city and bagged a job at the prestigious Birlasoft. 

She comes from a family of 4 members and shares a pretty decent relationship with them, except for a few hiccups when she wanted to marry from a different religion. The situation is all settled down as she’s been married for two years and shares a cordial relationship with her family.

Nourin has a passion for watching movies which she turned into her profession post marriage.

“I’ve started my own YouTube page for reviewing movies and giving out suggestions. My husband is a YouTuber as well and I also handle his PR and finances too.”

“I lost my brother during the pandemic to an accident and faced a major relationship turmoil that started affecting my work front. My company collaborated with the YourDOST platform as their official mental health partner, hence I enrolled myself for therapy.”

Nourin met Ms Sandhya on the platform, whom she chose to be her therapist. She felt heard and seen which helped her open up about her stress inducers to her therapist. Nourin recalls how they decided on session timings that best suited them both, which made it easier and more comfortable for her to open up gradually.

“The untimely demise of my brother and the fact that I couldn’t even attend his funeral due to the pandemic lockdown started eating me up from the inside. However, I kept all the pain to myself and did not express my feelings to anybody.”

Nourin was also facing a personal concern regarding her relationship of 9 years. She loved a person from a different religion and her parents weren’t too happy about it. 

“I couldn’t focus on my work due to these problems and started facing sleepless nights too. I decided to take therapy as soon as possible.”

Ms Sandhya helped Nourin analyse her feelings in a better way and also helped her learn breathing exercises to keep her anxiety in control. Sandhya also advised physical activities like Yoga, to help her clear her mind and body to rest.

“I realised that it was wrong on my part to keep my emotions bottled up, as it affects both my personal and professional life alike.”

Nourin gradually learned how to keep her priorities straight and physically steer away from stress inducers that affected her personally and professionally.

“I’m very grateful for meeting Ms Sandhya and for steering me in the right direction. She even gave me space to request emergency slots when needed which helped me feel comfortable and connected to her. She understood what I was going through and helped me become a better person.”

Nourin rates herself a Golden 5 in terms of feeling better post her therapy sessions. She envisions improvement as change, irrespective of it being small or big. 

From a place of extreme personal distress to a journey of strength, Nourin has emerged as a warrior and we at YourDOST, can’t help but feel proud for her! We wish her all the best for her future!

Nourin’s Warrior Tips:
1.“People still consider therapy to be a hush-hush concept, and that is wrong. Therapy is a simple process, and the emotions and feelings people feel are always valid.”
2.“People should support other people going through a rough time.”
3.“Get clarity to let your mind and body synchronize, and remember every problem has a solution.”

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