Journey Towards The Ray of Light in The Darkest Night – Vineet’s Story of Healing with Therapy

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A change in life once in a while is necessary, but if the switch happens instantly, then there is a chance things don’t go as planned. The situation can be scary, but the right step can transition it into a pleasant experience.

Meet Vineet, our 22-year-old warrior from the town of Bhiwani, Haryana. He completed his schooling and undergraduate studies in Delhi. He is a proud student at the Indian Institute of Management, Udaipur, doing his PGDM currently.

“I have many hobbies that I love doing. Watching movies, YouTube channels, travelling, and finding new places to eat in the city, etc., are some.”

He is the only child of two working parents. Vineeth characterises his parents as being very lenient, understanding and supportive towards him. He extremely loved spending time with his family, but due to work constraints, there were times when they could not be with him as such. As of now, he calls them every day to share his everyday news.

“My college has a partnership with YourDOST as their official mental health partner, and they offer offline sessions on campus every Wednesday and Friday. A seminar conducted by the YourDOST team helped me try therapy for the very first time.”

Vineet met Ms Mehek, his therapist, on the platform and onboarded the healing journey with her. He recalls being conscious initially about sharing his concerns but went ahead based on his gut instincts.

“I was extremely doubtful about the significance of my concerns. I wondered if my concerns were serious or big enough to discuss in the sessions. I even wondered if I was weak to be discussing such issues.”

Ms Mehek helped him feel validated and explained how every person and their perceptions are different. Vineet became comfortable sharing concerns from the day forward and discussed everything with his therapist. He reported feeling a personal connection, and the conversations were effortless to continue.

“I moved to Udaipur for an MBA and got into the residential program at IIM. However, an instant cultural shock hit me hard, and I was overwhelmed. The schedules were hectic, and I couldn’t blend in with the crowd as well as I expected.”

Vineet was a fresher without prior work experience when he got into IIM hence, he was the youngest in his batch. The situation worsened when he couldn’t make friends because of the age gap and the schedules were hectic. 

There were 100 per cent attendance policies in class and late-night discussions and projects that stretched into the wee hours of the night that were alien to him.

“I got into a long-distance relationship with my girlfriend and aggravated the complications. We started fighting over trivial matters, and insecurities crept up in the relationship. I was missing out on everything going around, which pushed me more towards loneliness.”

Vineet broke up with his girlfriend shortly after and faced difficulty adapting to the college culture. He couldn’t ace the summer placement interviews and even failed a subject, which resulted in panic attacks now and then.

To help Vineet overcome the distressing situations, his therapist directed him to various techniques that would help him regulate his emotions and feelings better.

“Journalling and writing down my fears and concerns helped me get them out of my head. Post that, I started feeling light. She also suggested I take walks sometime in the day for my physical health.”

Mehek helped him practice gratitude towards life and helped him understand that there is always a ray of light on the darkest nights that helped him move forward. Vineet gradually eased out and started feeling much better after each session with the counsellor.

“The number of breakdowns I had decreased exponentially. I had better control over my emotions and learned time management skills. I put my foot down in overwhelming situations and analysed things before I reacted to them.”

Vineet started seeing the positive side of things before he could overthink them and started looking forward to each day with an optimistic eye. He became hopeful towards the future and got better at managing everything simultaneously.

Vineet is grateful to his counsellor, Mehek, who helped him cross the bridge and move forward with confidence in his life.

He rated himself 4 on 5 in terms of feeling better, and he envisions improvement to being a better version of himself each day.

We at YourDOST are proud to have helped this warrior and feel honoured to share his story here! All the best Vineet, achieve great heights in life!

Vineet’s Warrior Tips:
1.“Never underestimate the significance of your concerns and shy away from sharing them out in the open, as they may become bigger and harder to manage as time goes on.”
2.“You are not alone, as thousands face the same concerns as you hence, do not think that your issues don’t deserve attention.”

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