Heartbreak to Healing: Saubhagya’s Journey to Happiness With Therapy

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We have heard that first love is always special, and if that relationship falls apart, it can be pretty agonising for both partners. Here is the story of a fighter who fought through the pain towards serenity.

Saubhagya is a 21-year-old Data Analyst who works in Noida. He completed his BCA from Benette University, Greater Noida and hails from the capital city, Delhi.

“I have a joint family that includes my parents, sister and grandparents, and I have an amazing relationship with my family. They have given me the space to share everything with them.”

Saubhagya spends his leisure time playing the piano and an occasional match of basketball that helps him forget the stress of a corporate job at times.

As a pandemic college student, Saubhagya spent his share of college life with online classes and virtual meetings that made things more difficult.

“I met my counsellor, Ms. Rishita, through the YourDOST platform as our college partnered with them. I spent the first half of college life at home due to the pandemic, and at the same time, I had my first breakup as well.”

Most of us have had a bittersweet experience with our first relationship which can affect us emotionally. Saubhagya had his first relationship in 12th grade that lasted a year before eventually breaking up. 

Even though the breakup was mutual, it was draining for him. Insecurities about female friends, taking forward toxic behaviour from a previous relationship, etc, played a part in the separation. The breakup hit hard on him and took a toll on his mental health. 

He kept the news of the breakup even from his family and did not share the emotions with anyone else. Depression crept up and settled in gradually, and that’s when Saubhagya decided to take up therapy.

“I was conservative about my notions of therapy and did not open up easily to my therapist. She understood my concerns thoroughly and tailored the sessions accordingly.”

Gradually, with on-call sessions, Saubhagya started forming a relationship of trust with his therapist, and he started opening up.

He faced a breakup in his first relationship in December 2021 and was in depression for almost 4 to 8 months in between. He started getting back on track with proper sessions and activities and eventually fell in love again. The new relationship healed him from within, and gradually, he started feeling much better than anticipated.

The noise in our heads at times of mental disturbances can be overwhelming at times and lead to anxiety. It is similar to going through a road of heavy traffic and honking that eats away at our peace.

“During those tough times, I started feeling anxious. Ms Rishita gave me some activities that helped me deal with my anxiety and ground my emotions for the better.”

Saubhagya practised these grounding techniques along with mindfulness, which gradually lowered the extreme noises of anxiety. Being a student in college and staying at hostels helped him practice these techniques without distractions and successfully leave behind the mental turmoils.

Gradually, Saubhagya managed to move out of the heavy traffic and drive towards a peaceful and serene environment with the help of his therapist. The anxiety went down and his new relationship started blossoming in its complete glory.

“Rishita helped me at my lowest point and helped me come out of the deep trench with her words. At a time when even my family and friends didn’t know about my concerns, she helped me walk out of the problems with flying colours. It was a great start to a journey of healing and moving forward.”

He also mentioned that his current counselor has been with him for more than 9 months now and she has helped him 

Saubhagya rates himself a golden 5 on 5 in terms of feeling better, and for him, improvement means being in a better state of mind at all times. At the present day, he feels much happier as a person and isn’t sceptical about taking therapy if needed. We at YourDOST are glad we could help mould Saubhagya’s life and lead to a happier version of himself!

Saubhagya’s Warrior Tips:
1.“The hardest part of a problem is accepting the problem and stepping forward to look forward to ways to tackle it.”
2.“Once the acceptance settles in, starting therapy will help you immensely with your mental well-being.”

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