Rising From the Ashes of Despair Through Therapy – Vainavi’s Rebound Story

4 minutes

Meet Vainavi. A 28-year-old designer from Bombay, who is an amazing artist with interests in activities like painting and poetry. She also started her singing practice recently. 

During childhood, everyone longs for a sibling to play with, and the amount of happiness a brother or sister brings you is beyond words. Similarly, the best part of Vainavi’s childhood was her younger sibling, with whom she shared a great bond of companionship. All the best memories of her childhood are associated with her siblings.

“ The general companionship with my siblings and cousins has played a crucial role in shaping who I am today, and I am grateful for having that.”

“I heard about YourDOST when I was working in my previous company. They had a partnership with YourDOST which helped me explore their services.”

After resigning from the previous company, Vainavi could not use YourDOST services for some time. She resumed the sessions shortly after joining MakeMyTrip, as they partnered with YourDOST too. 

Choosing a therapist and sticking to them is a process done through the trial and error method. In Vainavi’s journey, she put a lot of thought into selecting therapists that best suited her and worked with Ms Sanjana Roy, who she found to be the best.

The pandemic was a storm that the whole world went through together. A lot of people went through a worse time, and one of them was Vainavi. For a person who worked for almost 12 hours a day, to not leave the house at all was traumatic as it is. 

“My anxiety peaked during the COVID. I was anxious and had a lot of difficulty processing my whirlpool of emotions.”

Vainavi describes meeting her therapist, Ms Sanjana for the first time. 

“I was a mess when I first met her and took some time to warm up to her.” 

It took a while for her to gather herself, and gradually, she found a friend in her therapist who listened to her without any feelings of judgment.

Anxiety is like a skilled shooter. It stays in the shadows and shoots when we least expect it, and the worst part is not being able to figure out where the shot came from. Similarly, Vainavi’s anxiety issues skyrocketed when she wasn’t able to pinpoint her trigger. 

With the help of Ms Sanjana, Vainvai started her journey towards healing. Sanjana helped her put a positive spin on negative thoughts and made her journal her emotions to get a good hold of them. Gradually, these feelings stopped bothering her altogether. 

Her therapist noticed that Vainavi liked having control over things.

 “She helped me make plans and guided me in channelling my energies into something positive.”

Initially, Vainavi followed all the exercises and activities that her therapist assigned and helped her immensely. She is in a better place now, and the healing journey continues.

“Now, I’m able to recognize the onset of my mental turmoil and can control it before it becomes unmanageable.”

Vainavi is grateful to her therapist, who was there to listen to her and help her through the difficult times without judgment. She rated herself a strong 4/5 in terms of progress and describes improvement as the recognition of the onset of negative emotions and being prepared to tackle them at all times

“I have learned to deal with my emotions with a strong hand, rather than running away from it as I always did.”

We are extremely glad that YouDOST could help her out in the best way possible and lead her on the path of healing. We wish her the best in all her future achievements.

Vainavi’s Warrior Tips:
1.“We need to start somewhere. Without starting, you can never put an end to your problems.”
2.“Your therapist becomes your confidant and helps you feel better about your emotions.”

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