Resilience In Every Step: This Is Vaibhav’s Courageous Story Of Battling Depression With Counseling

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Deep thinkers are the best observers. This is the story of our fearless Vaibhav, who is a 20-year-old student who was pursuing his Bachelor in Economics, from the reputed institute of SRCC

He hails from Kanpur and has now changed his course and is an English honours student. Growing up Vaibhav described that there were instances of bullying and it hindered with his academics and personality development. 

“Home is where the heart is for me. I had a decent childhood and also understood the kind of privileges I had and am grateful for it.” 

He belongs to a humble family, with its own stories. Vaibhav expressed that there were issues he had concerning the Indian conservative family ideology and was not somebody who would fit into constructs. 
Vaibhav’s personality and interests are like that of an art palette that belongs to a modern artist. He mentioned that as a person he is empathetic and likes to help people. His hobbies include teaching which is a part of his passion.  He enjoys curiosity and going after answers. 

He described that things were all going smoothly for him until he found the disconnect he was experiencing in his programme. Economics was not Vaibhav’s cup of tea and he was interested in arts. 

It was around this time he decided that he needed somebody to talk to and help him make concrete decisions. Vaibhav expressed that his college was a very corporate space and he was always confident that he wanted to do English.

“Therapy taught me to be discerning. I couldn’t accept everything therapists said. I had to find what resonated with me, to experience the benefits it offers. My quest began there.”

Vaibhav booked his first therapy session with his counselor at YourDOST, as his college had a subscription with the platform as their official mental health partner. 

Moving out of his house and his comfort zone was difficult for Vaibhav. The environment at SRCC was difficult and he had trouble building relationships and connections with people as it would always feel like he was consumed by the pressure to perform and survive the competition. Additionally, studying a course he was not enjoying added to his stress levels

Societal pressure is more like a social evil now, as the bars are always kept high right from when a child is born. Some stick their head through it, while others struggle to take a peek. In the case of Vaibhav, He often felt the pressure build up in multiple forms.

He understood that he was spiralling and he decided to book his session with YourDOST.

Vaibhav summoned teh courage and booked his first session with his therapist Ms. Jyotsana.

I will never forget how it felt to meet her for the time. This is a unique website and that is why I choose to stick around, the people here are professional and experienced.” 

It was the moment of truth for Vaibhav as he stepped into his safe space with his therapist. Vaibhav also articulated that he needed help understanding his sexuality and the platform had trained psychologists to choose from which was such a relief. 

“If somebody gives me a million dollars I would still not go to that part of my life. Dealing with Clinical Depression was not easy, I had severe struggles with my oscillating moods.” 

Vaibhav would have pressed a forward button if he could, however, therapy with his counselor helped him deal with it more healthily while it was on the play button. Vaibhav also took the time to explain how it felt to meet her for the first time. 

“I had face-to-face counseling with Ms. Jyotsna, I was in the middle of a panic attack, and walking into that room and speaking with her saved me. I wouldn’t be alive today if that haven did not exist.”

As his sessions passed there was plummeting change that Vaibhav was experiencing. He also narrated that Ms. Jyotsana suggested with techniques that helped him get through difficult times gracefully. 

He was able to convince his family and change his college and course. He also came out of his depression and was more empowered to make his own decisions. Vaibhav has proudly accepted and embraced his sexuality.

“She suggested and guided me with techniques like REBT, and CCT. Jyotsna would always listen to what I had to say and begin journaling, and gratitude therapy.  I am grateful that I got in touch with her.” 

The brave new future always starts with small steps, and this is quite relevant to Biswas’s story. She looked at things from a different perspective and explored her inner self more. Vaibhav rated himself with a solid 5 on a scale of 5 in terms of feeling better. 

“Approaching therapy never came with an expectation for me I was just here for accpetance and change.”

These were his words when we asked him what the experience was like after speaking with his counselor. 

Vaibhav’s’s Warrior Tips:
1.“Just take it one day at a time.”
2.“Remember there is always somebody to help you, so dont feel you are alone in your struggles. You got this.
3.“Never give up on yourself, and never hesitate to seek out for professional help if needed.”

Team YourDOST

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