Here Is Uddeshya’s Story Of Overcoming A Breakup And Moving Towards Positivity

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Uddeshya, our protagonist, enjoys physical activity, sports, workouts, travels, watches movies consumes long-form content, and plays chess. His hobbies surely got us intrigued about the person he is and the knowledge he possesses

Uddeshya is an Alumni of  IIT Bombay and is also working there as a Project Research Associate, in the electrical department. He is from Madhya Pradesh and his dad works in the cement-making industry. 

He expresses his bond with his parents to be good and has a great relationship with his mom and that he has two sisters and shares a cordial relationship with both of them. 

“Growing up I remember dad to somebody who is extremely hardworking and is a person who is more concerned about putting food on the table over everything else.” 

He also described that he is grateful that he got the kind of upbringing he did with his parents and he is the way he is only because of their love and care for him. 

He got to know about counseling through his college. He was not doing well mentally and physically and decided to come to therapy. He had low moods and wanted to seek help. 

“My childhood was great. It wasn’t lavish but perfect for a middle-class family. I enjoyed everything and would not change anything about it.”

But an incident changed Uddeshya. He dedicated a lot of his energy to a relationship that ended in a way he could never imagine.

Uddeshya mentioned that he fell sick and his relationship was deteriorating and he experienced snowball effects in his life of how one instance kind of started having an overall effect on all other aspects of his life. 

“The breakup shook me completely. My mental solitude dialled down, getting over the fact that I was capable enough to take care of myself and still ended up being in therapy worried me.”

A relationship is like nurturing a flower. We give it everything we have to let it grow and bloom. But one morning we wake up, and everything is dry and lifeless. It crushes our hearts.

Uddeshya began to question everything in his life. He lost focus, causing his academics to suffer as well.

He had an accident last year and he ended up becoming unhealthy, as this occurred he was not able to take care of a lot of things and decided to turn towards his partner. However, when he did she was not able to entirely help out and this worried him. 

Uddeshya was going through a lot where on one hand his acceptance of entering therapy was unsettling and then he had to also go through the after-effects of break-up. 

“I always had a positive outlook towards therapy, I am an objective person and handled stress well. I ever thought I would ever need therapy as I was self-aware and would always be capable enough to solve my problems.”

He expressed that his college partnered with YourDOST, and he decided to give it a shot and booked his counseling session with Ms. Ms. Nimisha Katare

“When I started talking to her, things weren’t going well. But the entire credit for my decision to continue therapy goes to Nimisha. After talking to her and sharing my feelings, I finally made sense of what had happened and found a possible explanation.”

Uddeshya’s feelings were acknowledged by Poulami, who supported him in figuring out his emotions and guiding his thoughts. There were various activities and exercises involved in his sessions. Some to understand him and some to help him calm himself down.

“When you have 5 checkpoints on your checklist you cant have everything put together, I decided to slowly finish it one by one and I finally came to therapy.” 

He goes on to explain the complexities in his relationship where no matter how much he tried to communicate with her and would always end up regretting opening-up and this worried him so he decided to stop sharing anything with her.

“There was no room for two people’s problems but just hers. My relationship went well for a year and then things took an ugly turn. There was a lot of pent-up and it was not great expressing it all out.”

Uddeshya was able to break his insecurities, fears and the shell he had built around himself. He moved on from a lot of things that had happened and was able to open up to his friends and family. He could finally focus on his life once again. 

“Before therapy, I used to be shut down, I remained mum and would never express my thoughts and feelings. Even now, if I’m feeling anxious, have a hectic schedule or something terrible has taken over my mind, I do one of the exercises my therapist introduced, which helps me a lot.”

Even when his counselor analysed his situation and told him this could have been done differently he described that he never got angry unlike what he did with other people who blamed him for his relationship. She taught him the importance of asking why and that has worked wonders in him.

“I have stopped blaming things and started accepting reality and it has helped me stay mentally calmer than before. Small things used to get me riled up but now I have stopped being that.” 

He expresses gratitude to his therapist for empowering him to recognize the positive aspects of even the worst of events and assuring him that it is okay. Whatever it was, whether it was good or bad, we can learn from it, focus on the positive aspects, and move on.

He rated himself 3.5 out of 5 on his journey towards healing and believes there’s a long way to go but he’s prepared to face everything life throws at him.

Moving on after calling it quits is difficult but not impossible. Uddeshya’s journey encourages us to focus on ourselves because no one else matters more than we do.

Uddeshya’s Warrior Tips:
1.“People unwilling to help must understand that you would seek help physically if you get an injury the same importance should be given to your mental health.”
2.“Communicate your feelings properly either with your friends or family.”

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