Embracing Serenity: Jeff’s Journey to Inner Healing

3 minutes

In the bustling city of Kerela, amidst the tranquil backwaters and lush greenery, resides Jeff, a spirited individual with an insatiable love for cycling, photography, physical activities, and art. 

Born in the Middle East, Jeff spent his childhood in its culture until the seventh grade. Later, he returned to his roots in Kerala to pursue his graduation, a blend of cultural experiences weaving the fabric of his identity.

He works at Guidehouse and expressed that growing up for him was a roller coaster ride. 

Amidst productivity struggles and emotional turbulence within his relationships, the emergence of YourDOST as a beacon of hope provided Jeff with an opportunity for self-discovery.

“I came across YourDOST as my organisation had a partnership with the platform as the official mental health-providing partner. It was free for all employees at Guidehouse and I decided to book my first session.” 

Reflecting on his initial scepticism towards therapy, Jeff candidly remarked, 

While it’s common in many countries that there are existing stereotypes associated with therapy due to the lack of awareness. Jeff’s environment and surroundings changed and he started seeing that his routine and productivity started taking a hit, especially during the pandemic. 

This confession exemplifies the common apprehensions many individuals harbour when delving into the realm of therapy, yet Jeff’s willingness to persist paved the way for transformation.

Jeff found himself struggling under the heavy weight of stress and the constant burden of overthinking. It felt like he was constantly battling his mind, unable to find any peace or respite. 

To try and alleviate some of this pain, he began to explore a wide range of therapeutic techniques, hoping to find something that would provide him with some relief and help him to feel like himself again. 

“I kept going back to counseling and learning new things from my counselor she was patient in listening to everything I had to see and provided me with a confidential and non-judgemental space. This made me feel comfortable.” 

Through this process of exploration and experimentation, Jeff was able to learn more about himself and discover new ways of coping with the challenges he faced. From the reflective practice of journaling to the insightful guidance of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) worksheets, each tool became a stepping stone in his journey to self-renewal. 

The transformative impact of techniques such as Noticing, Shifting, and Doing (NSD), Rapid Joy Producing Mental Reset (RJPMR), and fostering a “Happy Time Happy Place” mindset empowered Jeff to embrace a newfound sense of resilience.

“I discovered the power of positive affirmations and self-talk as ladders to my personal growth. I was unfamiliar with these tools at one point but then it’s truly motivating to see how they blossomed into pillars of strength, guiding me towards being kinder tp myself and recognising the remarkable strides I had made.”

He has a renewed sense of self-respect and a rating of 4 out of 5 in his well-being. As we navigate our respective paths, let us draw inspiration from Jeff’s resilience, kindle empathy within our hearts, and embark on our journey toward emotional wellness through the healing power of therapy.

Jeff’s Warrior Tips:
1.“There is negative stuff online so limit your interaction with the online world.”
2.“Spend time with yourself, and nature and accept social gatherings occasionally.”
3.“Stay hydrated, take in the sunset enjoy the little things around you and love yourself like how you want to be loved.”

Team YourDOST

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