PV Sindhu: An Unparalleled Icon

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 “If you don’t enjoy what you do, then there’s no point. Later on, you don’t want to have any regrets and think “I should have done this” or “I should have done that”- PV Sindhu.

PV Sindhu triumphantly introduced her presence to the global stage when she clinched the silver medal in the 2016 Olympics and eventually went on to win the gold at the Common Wealth Games. Defeating world champions comes naturally to her. An athlete of mind-numbing determination, PV Sindhu’s journey is made out of grit and hard work.

There are many great badminton players in the world, but Sindhu stands tall among all of them. Hailing from a humble but talented family background, she made the best use of available resources and showed discipline in magnificent quality.

This inspirational figure has numerous insights and lessons that we can imbibe in our own lives. They say, focused minds often provide the best results, Sindhu’s focus on her game and unwavering determination serve as a testament to this, showcasing how discipline and dedication lead to unparalleled achievements.

Come on, Let us learn more about the inspiring icon: PV Sindhu

PV Sindhu is the daughter of two railway employees who were former volleyball champions from Hyderabad. So competitive traits and physical finesse came naturally to her. In many interviews, PV Sindhu points out that although she wanted to try her hand at volleyball, her father was scared that she’d injure herself, so she had to keep her distance. But before long, she found out about badminton, a game she developed a deep interest in. As it is said, talent cannot be kept in the dark for too long.

She soon signed up for professional training under Mehboob Ali, a former junior national medalist. Despite her young age (8), PV Sindhu showed compelling determination. She reported on time for camps every day, travelling a distance of 56 km, never once flailing in her journey to become the best1. The coaches were impressed by her game and trained her harder.

The daily training sessions started as early as 3:30 am and went on for several hours. Mehboob Ali guided her to follow rigorous gym workouts and a strict diet. PV Sindhu was curious and energetic, never once complaining or getting frustrated about her training. Her father always used to accompany her, during this time. He often kept her spirits up by shouting inspiring chants. While she trained, he studied others’ games in the camp to find their strategies and weaknesses. He aimed to give her customized advice and insights. Sindhu treasured these moments.
During her intense training process, she explored many avenues of coaches. One of them was Gopichand, a former Indian badminton player who had a history of breaking records. Under his guidance, PV Sindhu trained with everything she had. She went on to win the bronze medal at the 2013 World Junior Championships and the silver medal at the 2014 Commonwealth Games! 3

“Back then I was just starting. Even though I played sports and went to school, I still made time for morning and evening training sessions. So my parents, you know, they just did not hear all that noise and they were like, it is okay, we are with you, we will support you”

While Sindhu and her parents were on cloud nine, her relatives and people around her were not. Instead of encouraging a budding talent, they often commented negatively. Despite managing both school and training, Sindhu always got to hear discouragements from relatives but her parents did not pressure her at all. They believed in Sindhu’s talent, just like she did.

A Champion both on and off the game!

“And of course, after the finals, I was a bit upset. It was three games. I was sad when I lost it. But my parents and coach told me just one thing, winning silver was not losing gold”

Injury is every sportsperson’s pet peeve. They believe it halts the progress and their flow, and rightly so. Making a successful comeback after an injury is not everybody’s cup of tea. It demands a lot of discipline, patience, and a positive frame of mind. PV Sindhu just happens to be one of these individuals.

Starting out after having an eventful championship, Sindhu suffered a stress fracture that halted her badminton journey for a while. During this time, her mind was clouded with doubts about whether or not she could come back and make an impact or the fact that would she be able to her give 100%. But after six months of hard work and rest, she was back and how. She announced her arrival to the world by beating the best of the best in the Rio 2016 Olympics. She won the silver medal and the rest is history4.

Never letting fame affect her

The temporary break never broke her! Infact it revitalised and filled her with newfound energy.

Celebrated sportspersons applauded her success and the whole of India was busy gushing about this talented young woman. But is it important to know, looking this far, the amazing feat didn’t come easy for Sindhu. She fought hard, she worked tremendously hard on her game and she EARNED this success.

Fame did not distract her from her passion. PV Sindhu trained harder than ever. She improved her game and watched her replays on YouTube to address the shortcomings. Rigorous training followed by her unmatched quality of discipline. Fast forward to the year 2019, PV Sindhu bested the best in the world and won her first-ever gold at the BWF World Championship.

Till today, PV Sindhu continues to train with the same intensity and passion. Becoming the best in the world doesn’t have to mean you stop putting in effort. In her own words-

Every day is a new day. Every day is a learning process.”

Inspiring Excellence

Sindhu’s journey is an ode to what consistency, perseverance, and hard work can do. Her never-give-up attitude serves us all as an inspiration to pursue every aspect of our life be it professional or personal to attempt it with the best of our abilities.

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