Priyanka Chopra: Shattering Invisible Barriers!

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Remember the glass slipper? The one that Cinderella was supposed to fit into? The question is why? Why do we need to fit into a slipper or a stereotype when we can shatter it and become the best version of ourselves? 

There’s an extraordinary woman who despite being from a humble background, shattered all glass ceilings and rose above expectations. She’s none other than the celebrated artist Priyanka Chopra, lovingly called PC! One of the greatest Indian actors in Bollywood and Hollywood, a Miss World pageant winner, entrepreneur, public speaker, women’s rights activist, producer, and more, she’s one of the greatest minds to have walked the red carpet! 

Early Life and Journey

PC was born on 18th July 1982, in Jamshedpur, to two army doctors, Ashok and Madhu Chopra. Being from a humble, middle-class family in India, Priyanka faced the ugly consequences of racism when she was completing her high school education in Boston, Massachusetts. But she didn’t let these experiences deter her. She describes herself as a girl from a small town with big dreams and a fearless personality. 

She has been quoted saying, “People say “Oh God, she’s too ambitious!” I don’t understand when being ambitious became something wrong. Ambition has no colour. It has no language. It has no border or country. Ambition is just pure ambition!”. 

Values and the Rules of Her Life

PC has always been ambitious and is vocal about how other women should be ambitious as well. She actively advocates for women’s rights and talks about how she’s a champion for women who take their destinies into their own hands. Based on her interviews, we combined eight broad rules that PC swears by. The list can be followed by anyone who is ambitious and wants to achieve their goals! 

Rule number 1 is that there is only one you and nobody else can become you. This means that everyone should introspect and understand who they are at their core. PC emphasises that everyone should know and understand their beliefs, values, and flaws. This propels them to take the first step towards finding their unique selves. Often, people do not allow themselves to dream beyond their imagination and constrict themselves because they do not realise their potential. 

This gives rise to the second rule which is letting your dreams fly as high as possible. Give wings to your dreams and let them soar high without barriers. PC recollects the many extraordinary opportunities that came her way – Miss India, Miss World, her first film, production, musical exploration, etc. They were never a part of her plan but came her way because she dared to dream big. 

Rule number 3 is that we should ask for support when we need it. Priyanka’s film Don 2, was chosen to be screened at the Berlin Film Festival. At the same time, she was invited to attend the prestigious Grammy Awards in LA. She was discouraged by her team from trying to attend both, but she made some connections and attended both events within two days. She remembers being tired and not sleeping at all, but she also reminisces how content she felt after doing so.

PC shares that people have always tried to tell her what she can or cannot do. And that makes way for her rule number 4, be greedy for your ambitions. This means one should never let another person dictate their life and tell them who they can be. Fighting for one’s dream and achieving it is the biggest reward one can get in life. 

This is followed by rule 5: fail, fail, and fail again to rise like a phoenix. Failing is inevitable. A person working hard towards their dreams will fail no matter what. Priyanka recalls how tubs of ice cream, lots of tears, and her family helped her move through the failures and enjoy the sweet taste of success. 

Rule number 6 is surrounding yourself with the right people. Priyanka has always been a person who made time for friends and family. She also employs an effective team that encourages her to achieve her dreams. These people have had the greatest influence on her and made PC what she is today. This blends into rule number 7 –  do not take yourself too seriously. Sometimes the “it-is-what-it-is” mindset helps you move forward in your life. PC asks her fans to enjoy the journey rather than try to chase an illusion of “the perfect life”. 

The last rule is to never forget your roots and where you come from. Priyanka has always been vocal about how she is an army ki beti and the daughter of two doctors from a middle-class family. She shares how she’s been through pain, suffering, happiness, and excitement in her modest life, and she will always remain true to herself.

Priyanka Chopra’s remarkable journey is a ray of inspiration that encourages individuals to break free from societal constraints, dream big, embrace failure, and move ahead with resilience. As she continues to dominate the global stage, Priyanka’s legacy is proof of the limitless potential that exists when one dares to be themselves. In a world of glass slippers, Priyanka Chopra’s journey reminds us that sometimes it’s the sound of shattered expectations that creates the most beautiful melody of success. 

Here’s to breaking the moulds and dancing to the beat of our own tune!

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