Painting a Canvas Of Confidence: Neha’s Journey to Self-Discovery With Counseling

3 minutes

Our warrior, 17-year-old Neha, is a spirited soul from Bhed, Maharashtra residing in Ahmednagar. A very reserved person who loves to express herself with her beautiful crafts. She loves doodling and drawing. She finds peace in doing bhakti. 

Neha aimed to pursue the medical field for which she had planned to prepare for the entrance exam NEET. Her school, despite its reputation, lacked proper faculty, amplifying the mental toll on students. She grappled with a sense of dependency on her coaching classes, particularly BYJU’s to prepare and excel for the entrance. 

Her father was an ex-serviceman, unknowingly becoming a symbol of apprehension for Neha when it came to discussing her struggles. 

“It was difficult for me to share my troubles with my parents because I thought they might not understand it. My coaching was the only place left to share my struggles and seek answers.” 

Neha recalls how her chemistry faculty noticed and tried to help her cope with all the troubles she was going through. He added Neha to his dependency so that she could avail counseling facility from YourDOST. 

It all began at school creating problems by not providing proper facilities and quality education. Being a bright student it was difficult for Neha to digest the fact and compromise her education. 

This episode took a toll on her mental health and triggered anxiety to a greater extent. Anxiety, emotional instability, and the weight of peer pressure began to cast shadows over her journey.

“I used to have a high heart rate during this phase, I got it diagnosed only to find out it was nothing but doctors contemplated it was board stress and put me on medication.”

Neha was not satisfied with the diagnosis as she was the topper of her class and couldn’t be stressed about her exams because she believed she would do well. She was unable to understand what was going on and thus needed a professional’s help. 

After entering college life took another turn posing new challenges and difficulties. Due to the undesirable college environment, she faced multiple hurdles in focusing on her studies. All of this again made a hit on her mental health. It was getting difficult each day for her to cope with everything happening around her. 

As Neha’s therapeutic journey progressed, she found herself equipped with coping mechanisms and a newfound resilience. The journey was marked by courage and the pursuit of self-discovery. Her anxiety was under control and breathing exercises were her go-to weapon to cope with anxiety. 

Neha was in control of her emotions and was growing to be independent of her counselor and her therapy sessions which helped her grow confident. She feels that she is well-equipped to face any challenge that may come her way. 

Neha rates her transformation journey a solid 4.5 out of 5 in terms of getting better post her therapy sessions and feels there is always room for improvement. 

Neha’s Warrior Tips:
1.“Remember it takes a lot of courage to take the first step but still one should decide to seek help from the experts when in need.”
2.“It is important to share how we feel and what we feel to our close ones when emotions get bottled up, it creates larger issues later.”

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