Karthikeya’s Tale Of Embracing Confidence Through Counseling

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Adulting feels like a roller coaster ride with highs and lows. Things sometimes appear close and mostly appear far. Karthikeya is an 18-year-old pursuing his Computer Science and Engineering from GITAM University. He hails from Vijayawada, in Andhra Pradesh. 

His hobbies include Coding and reading books, and he is passionate about it. 

Our experiences shape us into better individuals by teaching unique lessons. Karthikeya was ambitious and wanted to make it successful out there. 

He explained that he had to grow up quickly, and his childhood wasn’t pleasant. He had to do things for himself and became independent.

While he was striving for success, an argument with a friend caused unintentional harm and ruined their friendship. As we become more comfortable with someone, our true colours reveal themselves. 

“I remember how there were days I would often feel scared and anxious about what would happen with every day that came.” 

Karthikeya discovered counseling through his college’s subscription to YourDOST and decided to give therapy a try. He booked his first session on the platform.

The connections we build with people help us form our opinions about them and develop our feelings towards them. 

Karthikeya articulates that everything around him was falling apart, and he could not necessarily understand what to prioritise. There was a flight of emotions that he experienced. 

During stressful situations, emotions are common and tend to oscillate without any discernible patterns. He successfully booked his sessions with his counselor.

“I did not know about therapy in my first year, and it was during my second year I created an account and started seeking sessions.” 

Karthikeya also spoke of how he had faced issues in his friendship, and this made him approach counseling, and he is glad that he did.

“Taking regular sessions with Ms. Aditi, Therapy helped me work on my shortcomings, and I started seeing change.” 

Ms. Aditi helped him dismantle his emotions one by one by orienting him about the Big wheel of emotions, and made him deconstruct his feelings and identify the larger emotion/ feeling that he was going through. 

“Speaking to her helped me gain energy, and it felt relieving. Before therapy, it was difficult to accept my flaws, and I would often get angry if somebody pointed it out. However, I am more receptive to feedback in recent times.” 

Self-reflecting is a holistic exercise if we give it the space and time to do it. Karthikeya exactly did this, and he kept polishing his mirror inside him and began introspecting and working towards a better and brighter tomorrow. 

“I became confident my focus shifted from complaining to working towards becoming better. I feared speaking to people. I have become a social butterfly, and I like this version of myself better and I owe it to my counselor.” 

Karthikeya extends his gratitude to Ms. Aisha as she helps him with a ladder of guidance to get herself out of the pit. He extends his gratitude to YourDOST for being convenient and changing his life.

He summarizes his experience with YourDOST as a gradual process. He urges individuals to seek counseling whenever they can and to be patient with the process. He rates his overall journey of getting over his insecurities and finding a new ray of hope with 3 out of 5 stars.

We, at YourDOST, already believe Karthikeya is a solid 5 on 5 when it comes to embracing his true self and inspiring others!

Karthikeya’s Warrior Tips:
1.“You dont have to fight your battles alone, there are professionals to help you get through things so seek help when needed.”
2.“Never compare your problems with others. All of us are unique and so are our purposes.”

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