Embracing Strength: Sakshi’s Path to Finding Herself and Healing Within Through Therapy

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Sakshi, a vibrant 26-year-old passionate about art and music, had always viewed the world through a unique lens. Born in Rajasthan, she is from Pali, a vibrant city steeped in rich cultural heritage and history.

Sakshi mentioned that her early years were marked by relocation during her growing years, impacting her self-esteem.

Despite these hurdles, Sakshi graduated from Ahmedabad University before pursuing her master’s degree from  Symbiosis University, Pune. During her time there, she headed the Editorial committee for two years and cherished her passion towards writing. Today, she works as a credit analyst at a prestigious credit rating agency in Mumbai, nurturing her love for painting, sketching, and singing.

Hobbies certainly keep individuals occupied and assist them in growing their personality and carving out a better version of themselves. Sakshi helped her feel liberated and express herself more freely.

Despite the geographic distance from her roots, Sakshi maintains a strong bond with her family, all of whom reside in Ahmedabad.

While her childhood was marked by upheaval and self-doubt, she found solace in her familial ties. However, underneath the veneer of stability, Sakshi grappled with the emotional fallout of her parents’ tumultuous marital relationship.

Unsure of where her loyalties lay, she shouldered the weight of their discord, never fully understanding her emotional turmoil.

It was during her time at Ahmedabad University that Sakshi first encountered YourDOST, the beacon of support that would guide her towards healing. Introduced through the university’s partnership with the organization, she embarked on a journey of self-discovery under the compassionate guidance of her counselor, Ms. Nilanjana Mukherjee. 

Over 1.5 years, Sakshi found herself traversing the landscapes of her mind, unearthing buried emotions and confronting haunting insecurities.

“My conversations with Nilanjana were nothing short of a lifeline. She allowed me to unravel the complexities of my thoughts, gently challenging my perspectives and nudging me to explore new mental pathways.”

It was within these dialogues that she began to grasp the divide between the world’s perception of her and her internal reality. 

Through dedicated introspection and journaling, she peeled back the layers of self-doubt, uncovering the genesis of her internal struggles.

 “I realized that my battles were mostly waged within, not against external adversaries.”

She remarks, a newfound sense of clarity infusing her words.

Embracing the counselor’s advice, Sakshi found herself adopting a newfound spontaneity in her approach to life, unshackling herself from the weight of unresolved emotions. The process of reevaluating her entrenched thinking patterns led to a profound shift in perspective, empowering her to recognize that myriad challenges could be overcome by nurturing inner resilience. 

“I learned that self-improvement is futile in the absence of self-confidence. It’s the foundation upon which one’s entire edifice of growth rests.”

She muses, her voice laced with hard-earned wisdom.

The tumultuous seas of her childhood had left her adrift, but through her sessions with Nilanjana, Sakshi learned to navigate these waters, finding closure amidst the tempest of her parents’ relationship.

Today, she stands as a testament to the transformative powers of introspection and resilience, acknowledging that healing is an ongoing journey, marked by self-compassion and introspection.

She rates her emotional well-being at a steadfast 4, a demonstration of the profound transformation she has undergone, a metamorphosis marked by courage and self-discovery.

In sharing her story and embracing her vulnerability, Sakshi emerges not just as a survivor, but as a warrior. Her journey stands as a testament to the luminescent resilience that dwells within each of us, awaiting discovery amidst the labyrinth of our emotions.

Sakshi’s Warrior Tips:
1.“No amount of self-improvement can ever make up for the lack of self-confidence. ”
2.“A lot of things in life always have a huge impact if not now then eventually.”
3.“A masterpiece is still a masterpiece when the lights are off and the room is empty.”

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