Connecting With Her Inner-self: This Is Mansi’s Story Of Optimism

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Mansi is an enigmatic 30-year-old independent woman from Punjab. She practised her career as a medical processor at Hiver and was always interested in psychology and biology as a student. 

She was born into a joint family that values ancestral roots and belonging. Her elder brother is an engineer.

Growing up in a joint family teaches us the vitality of family and how each member gets encircled in the larger picture of building a sense of togetherness. It was Mansi’s childhood and her parents who often cultivated the ideology of being independent even as children to her brother and her. 

Mom and Dad always emphasised on seeking practical instances of life and learning from them over succumbing to emotions. It helped shape both our lives.” 

Mansi loves everything aesthetic, and her hobbies include dancing. She makes it a practice to go to her dance class every day. She also mentioned that she enjoys Photography, capturing aesthetics, reading articles and research

Having a recreational activity is a pivotal part of an individual’s personality, and Mansi took great care in building hers. 

While one may think all seemed pleasant, Mansi was deep down handling a volcano of thoughts waiting to erupt. 

My brother was the one who initiated my journey on YourDOST by standing beside me and guiding me with this option of counseling. The right people helping at the right time is what saved my mind.

Mansi explains that her organisation introduced YourDOST to its employees as their official mental health partner. She decided to utilise this opportunity and went ahead and booked her first session with Mr. Lijith.

“On a normal day, my best friend spoke to me about counseling and how it helped her through a tough patch. I was also dealing with a Break-up back then and deicided to connect with a professional and seek answers. My friends couldnt help me deal with what I was going through and I decided to seek professional help and approached YourDOST.” 

Mansi described her pattern of trial and error in building relationships and friendships, which made her feel dreadful like she was going through a rabbit hole.

Additionally, she expresses that she grew up with the fear of always needing to protect herself because she grew up in fear, and it was an intense environment with fights that would transform into fear and threat. 

“As a child, I was always anxious about people raising voices, rejections and conflicts. I used to feel very scared when I was alone, and because of that, I would often avoid saying no.”Born in a joint family and seeing regular quarrels impacted me as a child.” 

Emotions can be consuming, and as individuals, we need support systems and safe spaces to discuss and vent out these feelings. The toughest of times make the bravest of warriors, and Mansi was no different on her path towards finding herself.

Mansi articulated that she tried to steer clear from the thinking pattern with the hope she had left in her. She wanted to connect with the neglected part that did not receive attention.

Around this time, Mansi got involved in a romantic relationship with her then-partner. In the beginning, it all seemed like lilies and roses, and she gave a lot into the relationship. She was shocked to know that he wanted to end the relationship. 

“The break-up was all of a sudden and the person was not in the best of mind I was also impulsive and could have handled it better. It shattered me and I was not able to cope by myself and it was around this time I needed support and was desperate for help.” 

She expressed that it was intriguing how she started therapy, she encountered a series of reasons connected to her childhood to how her relationships/friendships with people deteriorated. After participating in therapy and working on her feelings, she was able to realise where it all went wrong and start taking measures. 

“My therapist, Mr. Lijith served me the truth in the most compassionate and realistic manner and it did really help me feel at ease, and connect with my inner self.” 

She described that he was her life-saver, and she was going through severe anxiety, suffered from breathing and would often be scared of leaving the house. 

“By using deep breathing and self-reflection to imagine how my ideal self would handle unfamiliar situations, I was able to remain optimistic about the future.”

Furthermore, she elucidates that Lijith always questioned her made her connect with her inner self and helped her stabilise her anxiety. He always gave her a chance to speak through everything she felt and listened to her. 

Nature always teaches us the beauty of bouncing back through simple examples, from the sunrise to the sunset. Similarly, Mansi’s story inspired her to break free from negative thoughts and wake up with a smile to welcome a beautiful morning every day.

“My anxiety was so bad that I never believed that I would be able to think of a tomorrow.”

Mansi also explained that he had told her one sentence which changed her life. 

“You can be better with this person, but even without him, I would be okay. This perspective helped me process my break-up and turned my life 360.”

We asked Mansi to express her words of gratitude to Lijith, and this is what she had to say: 

“Lijith, I appreciate the knowledge shared with me and I am super-grateful to you all through life.” 

In terms of feeling better post her therapy sessions, Mansi rated herself with 4/5 in terms of feeling better, and we at YourDOST will be her biggest cheerleaders in helping her get there.

Mansi’s Warrior Tips:
1. “When it comes crashing down all you need is one right step and take your time with it, it will all be worth it.”
2.“Being able to exercise your thoughts and emotions is what improvement means.”

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