Unveiling Light: Abhishek’s Journey Through Shadows with Therapy

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Abhishek Toppo is in his early twenties and hails from Delhi’s capital. The city that witnessed his birth, nurtured his childhood, and shaped his early education. He had finished his engineering degree just as COVID-19 hit India. He took up an online MBA program to gain new skills. 

Abhishek reminisces about his childhood with a fond smile, describing it as normal and filled with joy. The echoes of laughter and the carefree days paint a vivid picture of a fun-filled upbringing. However, his introversion admission provides a nuanced perspective on his early years.

Within the family circle of five – parents, a younger sister, and a brother – the relationships, while good, echoed a quietness. Abhishek avoided sharing his thoughts and experiences, creating a silent yet palpable void within the familial bonds.

The isolation of the lockdowns and online classes had started taking a toll on him. He needed help to focus on his studies or maintain relationships. Though his family and friends were around, he felt secluded.

The emptiness and stress were overwhelming to handle at times for Abhishek. 

“I was living in isolation, cut off from the world. Everyone was struggling so no one was looking after me.”

Abhishek opened up about the challenges he faced, marked by a struggle to navigate his emotions and maintain connections with family and friends. As he delves into the intricacies of this period, it becomes evident that the emotional turmoil took a toll on various aspects of his life, creating a ripple effect on his studies, hobbies, and even his professional prospects.

The global crisis of COVID-19 not only posed external challenges but also intensified internal struggles. The isolation he experienced was compounded by the understanding that everyone around him was grappling with their difficulties.

Abhishek was introduced to YourDOST during his college induction. He realised YourDOST had partnered up with his college to provide mental health solutions to all.

“Initially, there was not much problem but I thought I should take something. After a year, I just decided let’s see what happens.”

Abhishek decided to seek help and reached out to YourDOST. He connected with Ms Anuprekha Biswas to discuss his emotional troubles. His decision to seek therapy turned out to be a crucial step towards transforming his life. 

Ms Anuprekha Biswas recommended a few techniques to manage his emotional struggle better. She prescribed techniques like meditation, journaling and light exercise, along with a routine to manage stress and emotions better.

“Her empathetic nature and useful advice made a difference in my transformation journey.” 

“I’m grateful for all the efforts that Ms Anuprekha put in. She helped me understand what my emotions are and how I feel. Her on-point techniques and exercise helped me overcome all the struggles.” 

As Abhishek delved into the realms of therapy, he discovered a profound shift within himself, experiencing a cascade of positive emotions and newfound perspectives.

“I felt much lighter and confident post my therapeutic journey. The fog of confusion was also lifted, revealing a clear path ahead.” 

For Abhishek, the journey with YourDOST has been transformative in many ways. From being unsure about seeking help to recommending it to loved ones, he has come a long way. 

“There are still problems but I’ve learned to manage and tackle them better,” he said. Abhishek feels occasional counseling is something everyone can benefit from.

He rates himself a 4 on 5 in terms of improvement and has found healthier ways to process emotions.

Abhishek’s Warrior Tips:
1. “Fear is the root cause of mental health concerns the only way to handle fear is to face it.”
2.“It’s okay to face it, fail in it and then bounce back stronger than before.”
3. “Seeking help is a sign of strength.”

Team YourDOST

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