Unlocking Inner Strength: Neha’s  Inspiring Journey to Emotional Wellness

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Neha, is a diligent student, weaving her dreams after completing an internship with an MNC. Hailing from a middle-class family, Neha’s parents, a professor and a government employee, shaped her values.

Her close bond with a pet and a naughty younger brother added a touch of joy to her upbringing.

Neha’s childhood, spent mostly with her grandma and then in Telangana, was peaceful. Despite her parents’ busy schedules, she admired her mom’s career-oriented approach and her dad’s unwavering support.

The mischievous antics of her younger brother brought laughter and memorable experiences.
During an internship at an emotional wellness organization, Neha discovered the importance of mental health. Running a student group, she encountered a peer who found therapy unhelpful, prompting Neha to reevaluate her perspective.

Realising the significance of therapist compatibility, she turned to YourDOST for guidance.

Struggling with overwhelming thoughts during placement, Neha sought help from Ms. Mahika Bhakshi. Impressed by Mahika’s ability to listen and guide, Neha found a safe space to navigate her career concerns and personal struggles.

For Neha, therapy became a journey of self-discovery and patient nurturing. She valued the liberating experience, free from judgment or worries about being heard. Mahika’s questioning led Neha to introspect deeply, unravelling layers of her inner self.

“Ms. Mahika helped me by aiding me through the process of therapy and providing me with a safe space and receiving the help I can.”

Expressing gratitude, Neha shared:

“I am glad we crossed paths. She helped me feel calm and composed even during the most challenging things. I like meeting her, and it feels like she has become my best friend already.”

Neha’s story highlights the transformative impact of counseling and the importance of therapist compatibility. YourDOST emerges as a beacon of support, providing a safe space for individuals to navigate challenges and foster emotional well-being.

Neha’s journey is a testament to the power of therapy in unlocking inner strength with those seeking solace and guidance, encouraging them to embark on their journey of self-discovery and emotional resilience through counseling.

Neha successfully followed these exercises. She was already on the path to identifying a new self. 

“I felt light and as if the burden evaporated into thin air speaking to my counselor. My friends were perplexed with the person I became, especially watching me set boundaries and prioritise myself over everything. 

As the saying goes, ‘Change doesn’t happen overnight’ Acknowledging your mental struggles is the first step toward change.

Neha summarises her journey of improvement as an eye-opener to emotional wellness. She feels the best part of therapy was it helped her go through self-introspection. 

Just like winters are cold and are testing times of the year, they eventually turn into spring, bearing fruits and flowers and blessing us with hope and warmth. This has been the remarkable journey of our lioness Neha. 

She feels that she is more mindful of her emotions. 

Neha’s Warrior Tips:
1. “Understand that there is a problem, and only then will you be able to seek help. .”
2.“Always remember to acknowledge your emotions and step forward to confidently seek the relevant assistance.”

Team YourDOST

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