Sheetal’s Journey of Self-Discovery and Healing at IIT Delhi with YourDOST.

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Sheetal, a 20-year-old third-year Computer Science Engineering student at IIT Delhi, navigates her life with a blend of academic rigour and a passion for basketball, reading, and swimming. Born in a small village, she was catapulted into a world of quality education and diverse experiences, thanks to her parents’ dedication.

“My childhood, though not conventional, was a cornerstone in shaping my resilience.”

Her parents’ visits every two months and phone calls were the threads that connected her to her roots. Growing up mostly among friends, she learned to adapt and thrive among people from various backgrounds, enhancing her people skills. The shift to the academically intensive environment of IIT Delhi was a steep curve for Sheetal.

“The focus was predominantly on academics, with little regard for friendships or social interactions.”

This environment proved to be a stark contrast to her earlier schooling, adding layers of stress and isolation. As an introvert, Sheetal’s late exposure to mobile phones and the sudden shift to online platforms during the pandemic added to her sense of alienation.  

“Navigating these social platforms felt awkward and daunting,”

During her second year, Sheetal faced challenges in her personal life. A budding relationship with a classmate, initially filled with promise, soon became strained due to conflicting schedules and priorities.

“We decided to remain friends, but misunderstandings led us to stop talking altogether.”
Sheetal recalls, the pain still evident in her voice.

Amid these tumultuous times, basketball became Sheetal’s refuge. 

“It was on the basketball court where I found a distraction from my emotional turmoil.” 

However, another relationship and its subsequent end left her feeling shattered and hopeless. Raised away from home, Sheetal’s conversations with her family were limited to academics.

“The personal struggles and relationship issues were territories I never ventured into with them.”

It was through her college’s persistent emails about mental health support that Sheetal discovered YourDOST.

“Seeing the reminders at the end of every email, I realized it was time to seek help.”

Meeting her counselor, Ms. Harshitha, marked the beginning of a transformative journey.
“Ms. Harshitha’s kindness and understanding made me feel at ease, like talking to a best friend.” 

The counselor introduced her to techniques to manage her emotions and boost her confidence.

Ms. Harshitha encouraged Sheetal to regularly apply the techniques taught during their sessions. 

“She constantly reminded me to bounce back to these strategies whenever I faced difficulties.”

Post-therapy, Sheetal noticed significant changes in her life. Sheetal’s journey with YourDOST helped her navigate the complexities of her emotions, relationships, and academic pressures.

“I broke free from my comfort zone, started mingling more, and my path to success became clearer.” 

Sheetal’s story is a powerful testament to the impact of emotional support and counseling in navigating life’s challenges, especially in a demanding academic environment like IIT Delhi. Her experience with YourDOST illustrates how professional guidance can empower individuals to overcome personal struggles and carve a path towards a brighter, more confident future.

“Thanks to YourDOST, I now see a world beyond my limitations. I’ve learned to balance my academic pursuits with personal growth, and I believe my journey to success is not far.”

Her experience is an inspiration to many students grappling with similar challenges, highlighting the importance of seeking help and the transformative power of counseling in achieving emotional wellness and clarity.

Sheetal’s Warrior Tips:
1.“Your emotions may feel heavy at the moment but are not always the reality. We create our problems because of how we let our emotions conquer us.”
2.“Therapy helps you manage yourself better with your everyday life, it helps you understand where you spend your energy the most.”

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