Struggle to Serenity: Digvijay’s Story of Navigating Through Tranquility

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Digvijay is a 31-year-old alumnus of the Xavier School of Management currently working in a well-known corporate office. He hails from the picturesque land of Haldwani Uttrakhand,

Digvijay discovered joy in his hobbies. Cricket kept him engaged in spirited matches with members of his society. The virtual realm too beckoned, with PC games providing adventure and entertainment. Hiking and travel completed the list of pursuits that brought vibrancy to his life. 

Digvijay was raised in a close-knit family, his childhood was of love and support. With a younger sister by his side, he navigated the pathways of life under the watchful eyes of his parents and grandmother. 

His openness with his mother created a space for genuine conversations, a space where thoughts and emotions flowed freely. With his sister, discussions veered towards the realms of career aspirations and shared hobbies, creating bonds that transcended mere familial ties.

As Digvijay advances in his academic pursuits, he moves from the scenic landscapes of Uttarakhand to the bustling city life of Delhi for higher education. Currently residing in Gurugram with his family. 

2020 was a pandemic hit by COVID-19 that brought emotional struggles along for Digvijay. The immersive and collaborative experience of learning in a physical classroom has been replaced by a more isolated and individualised virtual experience, changing the dynamic of education in significant ways. 

The shift from bustling classrooms to the solitary glow of computer screens took a toll on his mental well-being. The face-to-face restrictions filled him with emptiness affecting him emotionally.  

As coping mechanisms, activities that were once a source of entertainment, such as video games and binge-watching, reveal their darker sides. Feeling stuck and stressed, Digvijay understood that an expert’s intervention was required, leading him to reach out to YourDOST for support.

Digvijay was stuck and stressed about the ongoing situation. He understood that an expert’s intervention was required and thus reached out to YourDOST for the support. 

During this upheaval, Digvijay discovers that his college has partnered with YourDOST to provide mental health support. Seeking expert help becomes a life-changing decision. He connected with Ms. Mahima Nair to share his concerns and experienced a sigh of relief.

“The first few sessions went by with some generic questions about myself. Layer by layer everything became clearer.” 

Ms. Mahima Nair suggests Digvijay practice meditation to calm his emotions, like a silent sea. Her recommendation to express emotions through journaling aids in coping with turbulent emotions.

“I’m grateful to Ms Mahima for all her efforts. “I will be forever grateful to you for helping me find my path to walk on.”

Digvijay’s transformation journey brought changes and equipped him with the emotional power to face life’s challenges. The therapeutic journey ushered in positive changes that were subtle yet transformative. 

“The therapeutic journey helped me to manage things better and effectively. The stress levels became controllable.” 

The overwhelming challenges of life became more manageable, and the burden on his shoulders seemed to lighten. The realisation dawned upon him that there was an expansive landscape within himself, waiting to be explored and understood. 

Digvijay is happy with his transformation and on a scale of 1 to 5, he rates his journey a solid 4 out of 5 post his therapy sessions.

Digvijay’s Warrior Tips:
1.“Seek help confront the struggles that you face and embark on a journey of self-improvement.”
2.“It is important to express your feelings with someone, bottling up emotions would only make it worse.”

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