Navigating Through Mysteries of Life with Therapy: This is Dipika’s Story.

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Bombay, the vibrant city that has cradled her since birth, holds the tapestry of her entire existence. From childhood to education, Mumbai (then Bombay) has been the backdrop to Dipika’s journey. 

Professionally, Dipika dons the hat of a Learning and Development specialist, a role that often elicits curious glances due to its nuanced nature. In a nutshell, she intricately navigates the landscape of organisational learning needs. She dives deep into the intricacies of employee requirements, whether it’s honing skills or refining behaviours. 

Grew up in an unconventional household in Mumbai that shaped her perspective on life uniquely. Her parents, who met at an orphanage called Snehasadan, decided to give back by becoming foster parents to 30-40 underprivileged kids at a time. 

The essence of family, for Dipika, was not confined to blood relations but extended to those they embraced in their home. However, as she stepped into the world beyond her childhood haven, she realised that not everyone shared this upbringing.

“I thought everybody lived this way, taking in so many kids in need of a home. It was only as I grew up that I realised how different my childhood was.”

However, her parents did a commendable job of nurturing Dipika and her sister despite limitations. “They taught us life skills like cooking so we could fend for ourselves if needed. The focus was always on empowering us with self-sufficiency,” Dipika recalls.

The absence of a traditional family structure left her yearning for relatability. In her developmental years, the desire for belongingness became evident. The conversations about family visits and vacations became elusive topics for her.

This distinctive childhood, though rich in love, created an emotional vacuum that Dipika only began to comprehend as she navigated the complexities of adulthood. 

As she entered the working world, the distinctive perspective shaped by her upbringing became clearer. 

“When colleagues learned household skills to become better marriage material, I realised my parents’ motivation was so different – just to equip my sister and me to be independent.”

Dipika had recently joined a new workplace, and adjusting and settling needed time. She felt she had a decent hold on life when a painful breakup triggered inner turmoil. 

“It was a confusing time when the situation escalated beyond my control. I felt helpless and knew I needed support.”

Dipika recalls how when she joined Interview Kickstart, she was introduced to YourDOST which provides mental health solutions. She decided to give therapy a shot and soon connected with a counselor to discuss her emotional swings. 

“Being in a virtual medium felt less intimidating than in-person counseling to start opening up,” Dipika explains. She found chatting with the counselor to be a judgment-free space where she could vent freely.

Dipika connected with Ms Sikha. She suggested some techniques to cope with her difficulties which turned out to be effective. 

“Writing helped me unleash my raw feelings. The act of translating painful thoughts into words enabled me to analyse rather than suppress them.”

Dipika tried journaling till her bandwidth allowed her to post and she began typing it on her phone to practise journaling. She learned to operate with the philosophy that if you have nothing nice to say don’t say anything at all. 

“I’m grateful to Ms Sikha for being an attentive listener and not being judgemental. She’s doing a tremendous job and I hope she is getting all the support she needs. It’s not easy what she does, thanks once again.”

Dipika rates her transformation journey 4 out of 5 in terms of getting better with more room for growth. Her story is a testament that we still have the power to seek experiences that allow us to spread our wings and soar.

“The transformation in how I relate to myself and the world is incredible. I’m grateful for the unconditional support that enabled this.” 

Dipika’s Warrior Tips:
1.“To anyone hesitant to try counseling, I understand the apprehensions. But you owe it to yourself to unlock your full potential. Seeking help can be truly liberating.”
2.“You’re the best person to help yourself first. Prioritise helping yourself. Always remember help is a sign that you want to do better and help others too in the process.”

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