From Childhood Shadows to Adult Resilience: Gaurav’s Mental Health Odyssey With YourDOST.

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Meet Gaurav a 34-year-old Senior Software developer working in Scientific Games. He is a resilient individual hailing from the vibrant state of Rajasthan. His journey takes us through the twists and turns of life, navigating challenges and ultimately finding a path to positive transformation.

Gaurav pursued his graduation in his home state but ventured to Karnataka for post-graduation. His educational journey led him to NIT Pallakad, and soon after, he found himself working as an IT professional in the bustling city of Bangalore. 

Beyond the world of coding and debugging, Gaurav finds joy in the simple pleasures of life. Cooking, gardening, and watching sports, movies, and documentaries are among his favourite pastimes. Life seemed routine until he encountered challenges that required a mental resilience he hadn’t explored before.

During the challenging times of the COVID-19 pandemic, Gaurav discovered a valuable ally in his mental health journey. 

Gaurav faced a problem stemming from childhood experiences. His uncles’ frequent disputes and violent behaviour cast a dark shadow over his childhood, leaving him with emotional scars that would linger for years. The fear of confrontation lingered into adulthood, manifesting as anxiety. Gaurav’s coping mechanism involved avoiding situations and escaping through negative habits.

“My childhood trauma had left sown a deep seed which grew up to trouble me in my adulthood.” 

He described feeling suffocated and clueless about dealing with his emotions. Friends noticed an inferiority complex, prompting him to seek professional help.

Gaurav recalled his organisation Scientific Games, in collaboration with YourDOST, provided mental health services that proved to be a lifeline during these uncertain times.

Gaurav acknowledges that counseling, while immensely beneficial, is often perceived as costly in Indian society. However, the services offered by YD and Scientific Games provided a cost-effective and accessible solution during the peak of the pandemic.

“Acknowledging my anxiety and understanding the reason behind it was my first step towards change.” 

Gaurav connected with Ms Aakriti Mathur to share his emotional disturbances. Gaurav found it easy to open up to Ms Aakriti, thanks to her comforting and attentive nature.

“The initial sessions were a mix of excitement and hope for solutions. I was looking forward to it because I believed I’d find the answer to my questions.” 

Ms Aakriti suggested some techniques to cope with the anxiety levels whenever required. These included carrying out regular physical activities for a healthy and sound mind, in addition to that she also recommended meditation. 

Gaurav’s transformation journey came with lessons to remember. He realised the need to monitor his actions, becoming mindful of his thoughts and behaviours. Now aware of the triggers, he replaced negative coping mechanisms with healthier alternatives. 

“I’m better than my previous self-post therapy sessions. I worked on my negative coping habits which was life changing.”

Gaurav expresses deep gratitude for the counselor, “I’m thankful for her efforts. She made me feel comfortable and advised me like one of my own.  The comfortable environment created during her session played a crucial role in my transformation.”

Gaurav rated his transformation journey an excellent 4 out of 5 post-therapy sessions and is happy to be leading a path to a better tomorrow with each positive day. 

Gaurav’s Warrior Tips:
1.“Avoid societal pressure by refraining from constant comparisons. Everyone has their trajectory and learnings. It’s just not fair to draw comparisons.”
2.“Refrain from being judgmental; everyone is fighting their battles. We don’t know their situation and the least we can do is not judge them.”
3.”Practice gratitude; appreciate what you have and the people around you. Always be grateful for the things you have.”

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