Embracing Serenity: Saunack’s Counseling Journey with YourDOST.

3 minutes

Hailing from the vibrant city of Bhubaneshwar in Orissa, Saunack, a 25-year-old professional, navigated the corridors of life with a spirited zeal, painting a mosaic of personal narratives interwoven with the vibrant hues of creativity and perseverance.

Engulfed within the embrace of a joint family circle of eleven members. Saunack’s childhood was of unity and companionship filled with cherished memories and familial bonds.

“The symphony of my school life crescendoed harmoniously, yet the turbulent tide of 11th and 12th grade ushered in a tempestuous era fraught with pressure and uncertainty.” 

Through his knack for creativity, Saunack charted an unconventional path, eschewing engineering in favor of a master’s pursuit in advertising, sowing the seeds of his professional aspirations in new media and artistic innovation.

Amidst the enigmatic tapestry of his evolving narrative, anxiety emerged as an unwelcome visitor, casting a lingering shadow over the stage of Saunack’s existence, compelling him to usher in the solace of counseling to pave a path towards emotional healing.

The fortuitous union with YourDOST, facilitated through his organization’s partnership, became a beacon of respite, unveiling a compassionate confidante in the form of Ms. Virakshi, a benevolent mentor poised at the helm of Saunack’s emotional odyssey.

“Enveloped within the nurturing cocoon of therapeutic sessions, I embarked upon a transformative expedition, basking in the gentle luminescence of exercises meticulously curated by Ms. Virakshi.”

The art of journaling emerged as a sanctum of introspection, breathing life into the canvas of his emotions, while the prioritizing technique and breathing exercises bestowed upon him the sacred tools to recalibrate the rhythm of his being.

The resonance of gratitude cascaded through the corridors of Saunack’s heart, as he etched an indelible word of tribute to the profound impact of Ms. Virakshi’s nurturing guidance.

The bittersweet tinge of her departure ushered in a moment of closure, punctuated with the resplendent realization of transcending his anxious confines, fostering a profound sense of self-reliance and fortitude, embracing the ebullient triumph of reduced dependency on therapy.

Word of gratitude: 

“I enjoyed working with her and it was difficult for me to know that she was leaving the platform. She helped me reach a point where I was able to get past my anxiousness and reduce my dependency towards therapy.”

Saunack’s narrative emerged as a resonant testament to the transformative potential of emotional wellness, echoing the redemptive power of counseling with YourDOST, inspiring hearts to embark on their distinctive odysseys of healing.

As the story unfolded, Saunack’s resolute spirit fostered an unassailable resolve, nurturing an exquisite garden of hope and fortitude, blooming amidst the nurturing oasis of emotional wellness.

Saunack’s Warrior Tips:
1.“It’s alright to have doubts and be nervous about therapy. Try looking at it just like taking medicine for a physical illness.”
2.“Your friends are always going to be there to listen but sometimes you will need a professional to help you guide through difficulties.”

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