Embracing Change: Deepthi’s Journey to Emotional Wellness

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In the bustling city of Bangalore, amidst the corporate chaos, lived Deepthi, a 28-year-old powerhouse working at PayTM. Originally from Hyderabad, she carried the essence of her conservative nuclear family with her. Deepthi’s life, as she described, was a tale of complexity and insecurity, and her journey towards emotional wellness began when she decided to navigate the intricate path of her emotions.
“Being orthodox, my parents emphasized education and put me in an international school,” she

There was a lot of complexity for me growing up, and I developed insecurities seeing the different people around me.”

Deepthi’s story resonates with many who find themselves entangled in the demanding web of modern life. Her journey took a significant turn during her MBA days at XLRI Jamshedpur, a period where academic pressure and the perpetual fear of missing out (FOMO) became her constant companions.

“B-School is a place where one is always surrounded by people, but you still feel like you are leading the journey alone,” she shared. 

“The environment here gives individuals FOMO, and the competition is always on the rise. There is an imposter syndrome that is commonly noticed in individuals.”

During academic pursuits and a committed relationship, making friends wasn’t a priority for Deepthi. She remained studious, engaging in extracurricular activities to maintain a safe distance from the challenges life threw at her. However, the turning point came when she was introduced to counseling through her college, and Ms. Sanjana became a guiding light.

“I did not always have a lot of people to speak to and interact with. There was hardly anybody for me to be vulnerable and trust easily,” Deepthi confessed.

She spoke passionately about the transformative power of counseling, emphasizing that it was not inhibitions that led her to seek help but a volcano of emotions waiting to erupt. Ms. Sanjana, her counselor, created a safe space where Deepthi felt heard and understood without judgment.

“My counselor was never somebody who put her opinions over mine. She never made me feel sidelined, and that grabbed my attention and made me keep coming back,” Deepthi shared.

The techniques suggested by her counselor became valuable tools in her emotional toolbox. The practice of having a conversation before approaching people significantly boosted her confidence. Through therapy, Deepthi began unraveling the unhealthy patterns that once led to self-destructive behaviors.

“I had a lot of unhealthy patterns, and therapy helped me forgive myself and initiate positive changes,” she expressed with gratitude.

Reflecting on her counseling journey, Deepthi acknowledged the patience and understanding her counselors exhibited. “I really liked that my counselors were patient and heard me through everything I had to say. Most of us are reactive, but counselors are not, and they never forced any solution on me.”

Deepthi, now an advocate for mental wellness, shares her warrior tips: “Therapy is not only for those with mental health concerns; that’s a myth. It’s a tool for personal growth and self-discovery.”

As Deepthi continues to thrive in her professional and personal life, her story serves as an inspiration for those navigating the complexities of modern existence. Her journey from a conservative upbringing to embracing emotional wellness highlights the transformative power of counseling, proving that seeking help is a courageous step toward a more fulfilling life.

Deepthi’s Warrior Tips:
1.“Therapy is not for those who only have mental health concerns, which is not true.”
2.“Your emotions may feel heavy at the moment but are not always the reality. We create our problems because of how we let our emotions conquer us. ”
3.”Therapy helps you manage yourself better with your everyday life, it helps you understand where you spend your energy the most.”

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