Embracing Change and Finding Strength: Sharmila’s Journey to Emotional Wellness with YourDOST.

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Sharmila, a 57-year-old Associate Professor at Anant University and an artist has a story that resonates with the power of self-discovery and the transformative impact of emotional wellness. Born in Vadodara, with her roots in Maharashtrian and Gujarati cultures, Sharmila’s life has been a rich tapestry of culture, heritage, and literature. Growing up in a small family, she found her sanctuary in the pages of storybooks, surrounded by the wisdom of her grandparents.

“I cherished my childhood, filled with stories and dreams. It was there, in the heart of Vadodara, where my love for arts was kindled.” 

Sharmila’s journey was not just about embracing her culture but also about finding love in art. She met her husband, a fellow artist, and together, they built a life rich in creativity and understanding. Balancing her roles as a mother of two daughters and a freelancer, she ensured that her professional aspirations never overshadowed her family responsibilities.

“I learned to grow alongside my family, finding my rhythm in the chaos of life. Art was not just my profession; it was the lens through which I viewed the world.”

Despite her deep involvement in the arts, Sharmila never envisioned a career in teaching. Yet, life had other plans, and she found herself thriving as an Associate Professor.

“Teaching chose me, it was a leap into the unknown, but I’ve always been a risk-taker, eager for new experiences.”

With a life as vibrant as her canvases, Sharmila’s passion for reading, movies, and travel added layers to her persona.

“Every book, every journey, added a new perspective to my life.”

But beneath this colorful exterior, Sharmila faced challenges that needed attention.

“I started experiencing difficulties with memory, which disrupted my routine and work. It was then I realised there were scars from my childhood that needed healing,” 

This realisation led her to YourDOST, an emotional wellness organization she discovered through Anant University. It was here that she met her counselor, Ms. Shruthi, who introduced her to techniques like journaling and goal setting.

“The counseling sessions were a journey of introspection and growth. Learning to forgive and let go of personal baggage was liberating.” YourDOST became her sanctuary, where she could unravel her thoughts and emotions without judgment.

“Thank you, Ms. Shruthi, for your patience and understanding. Your affirmations and support have guided me through some of my most challenging times.” Sharmila expresses her heartfelt gratitude to her counselor. 

Sharmila’s story is more than a narrative; it’s a testament to the power of emotional wellness and the impact of organizations like YourDOST. Her journey, filled with art, teaching, and self-discovery, highlights the importance of seeking help and embracing change.

“I am a mosaic of my experiences, and YourDOST has been instrumental in helping me piece together the fragments of my past to create a beautiful present.”

Her story inspires those seeking to balance the complexities of life with the pursuit of emotional health. Sharmila’s journey with YourDOST is a beacon of hope, encouraging others to step out of their frameworks, seek answers, and embark on their paths to wellness.

Sharmila’s Warrior Tips:
1.”Counseling is not just about going and speaking to them about your problems. It’s also about working on yourself.”
2.“Remember you only have one life and it’s in your hands to make the best of it.”

Team YourDOST

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