Balancing Act: Lopamudra’s Journey from Stress to Strength with YourDOST.

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Lopamudra is a 32-year-old scholar hailing from Sambalpur, Odisha. A research scholar at NIT Rourkela. She studied in a convent school since her childhood. Growing up was filled with joy and innocence, without major responsibilities or worries. She was a diligent student who loved learning and never missed a day of school, even if she was ill. 

Lopamudra was the eldest among her siblings and shared a close bond with her two younger sisters. She describes her childhood as the best phase of life – free of stress or burden, filled with joy and laughter. 

Lopamudra set her sights on higher education. She worked hard and got accepted into the prestigious National Institute of Technology Rourkela to pursue her PhD. Driven and dedicated, she immersed herself in her doctoral research program.

Lopamudra also got married during this time and settled with her husband and in-laws. Managing her demanding academic work alongside new household duties proved to be a challenging balancing act.

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, Lopamudra’s PhD program also transitioned online. She went to stay with her in-laws to have more support while working remotely. However, this arrangement brought unforeseen difficulties. 

Lopamudra had to submit daily progress reports to her research guide – the demands of her doctoral work did not diminish. At the same time, she was also expected to contribute more to household chores now that she was living with her family.

Lopamudra tried her best to balance her academic work and domestic chores. However, she felt her efforts were unrecognised by her family.

“I was stressed in my mind but never reacted to anyone. I just took everything into me. Hearing criticism about not contributing enough hurt me. All the emotions bottled up inside, giving me further stress.” 

Fortunately, a college friend suggested online counseling offered by YourDOST. She realised how her college partnered with YourDOST to provide mental and emotional wellness support. With no one else to turn to, she decided to give therapy a chance and seek expert help.

“I didn’t know what to expect but after the first session, I felt perfect and at peace. The counselor was like a true friend who helped me get out of my problems.”

Lopamudra connected with Ms Aakriti Mathur to discuss her daily challenges with her. She patiently heard her challenges and perspectives. 

“My experience with Ms Aakriti for the first time was very positive, I felt calm and composed speaking to her. It gave me the strength to tackle my challenges.”

Ms Aakriti Mathur received some valuable advice on practical techniques to improve her time management and prioritise her tasks effectively. She suggested time management strategies like creating daily schedules, and Lopamudra started implementing her advice diligently.

Lopamudra observed positive changes in herself within a few days. Her stress levels declined as she regained balance between her work and home life.

Lopamudra started saying no to extra demands at home to set healthy boundaries. She also set fixed hours for her PhD work when she would focus deeply without any distractions. Following a routine with dedicated time slots for different tasks helped.

“The counseling transformed me into a self-satisfying and happy person. My outlook changed – I felt mentally fit and in control of my emotions.” 

Lopamudra gives full credit for this improvement to her counselor’s compassionate guidance. On a scale of 1 to 5, she would rate the effectiveness of her therapy experience as 5.

Lopamudra’s Warrior Tips:
1.“Speak to a counselor, your emotions or problems would bottle up inside. It’s not healthy for you.”
2.“Everyone should prioritise mental health just as much as physical health because seeking help for emotional struggle is not a sign of weakness but strength.”

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