Sravana Kumar’s Path to Emotional Resilience and Growth with YourDOST.

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Sravana Kumar is from Andhra Pradesh, and he is a 30-year-old MBA graduate from XLRI, Hyderabad, who has journeyed far from his roots in a small town. His love for linguistics, nurtured by his father’s extensive book collection, led him to freelance anchoring for various events. Sravana’s passion for languages and reading shaped not only his vocabulary but also his perspective on life.

XLRI, recognising the importance of mental health, partnered with YourDOST as their official mental health provider.

 “I saw this as an opportunity to work on myself, to introspect and understand the trajectory of my life.” 

The demise of his father, the pillar of his family, left a profound void in Sravana’s life. “Losing my dad was like losing my compass. The responsibilities that fell on me were overwhelming.” 

It was a period marked by stress and emotional turmoil, pushing him towards counseling for support.

His initial conversation with the counselor at YourDOST was a turning point. 

“It was surprisingly smooth, and for the first time in a long while, I felt comfortable enough to open up.” 

The counselor’s assurance of confidentiality and empathy allowed him to discuss his feelings and challenges openly.

“The counselor helped me process my grief and the immense responsibilities that came with losing my father. It was a safe space to discuss some hard decisions I had to make.” 

This guidance was crucial in navigating the complex emotions and duties he faced.

His counselor not only validated his feelings but also acknowledged his progress. 

“Hearing her recognize my improvements was a significant boost. It helped me reaffirm my journey towards healing.” 

The counseling sessions led to noticeable positive changes in Sravana’s life. 

“Gradually, I learned to stop worrying about what others thought. I began listening to my heart, and it made all the difference.” 

The rapport he built with his counselor provided the clarity and confidence he needed to move forward.

In a heartfelt expression of gratitude, Sravana acknowledges his counselor’s role during his difficult times. 

“I’m forever grateful for the space she provided for me to vent, to grieve, and to grow. She was there for me when I needed it the most.” 

Sravana Kumar’s story with YourDOST is a powerful testimony to the transformative impact of professional counseling in dealing with personal loss and emotional challenges. His journey highlights the importance of seeking help and the role of a counselor in facilitating emotional resilience and personal growth.

“Thanks to YourDOST, I’ve navigated one of the toughest phases of my life with newfound strength and understanding. I’ve learned the value of introspection and following my heart.” 

Sravana concludes with a sense of accomplishment and gratitude. His experience inspires many facing similar challenges, emphasising the significance of emotional wellness services like YourDOST in providing support and guidance during life’s difficult moments.

Sravan rates himself with a 4/5 in terms of feeling better after his therapy sessions.

Sravan’s Warrior Tips:
1.“Anything you go through, remember that this too shall pass.”
2.“You are made strong and you are doing great.”
3.”Do not dwell on others’ opinions as it or life so might as well be the sailor of your boat and just keep rowing ahead.”

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