Priyanshu’s Transformation: Building Confidence and Overcoming Challenges with YourDOST

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Priyanshu, a B.Tech CSE student from Lovely Professional University in Gorakhpur, UP, narrates his journey of self-improvement and emotional growth. A fitness enthusiast, he ensures his physical health is as much a priority as his mental well-being.

Growing from an introverted child to an ambivert in senior secondary school, Priyanshu found solace in individual activities over team sports. 

“I’ve always enjoyed my own company, finding peace in solitude.”

The youngest of three brothers, he was the most pampered, and known for his good behavior rather than academic prowess.

Priyanshu’s journey wasn’t devoid of challenges. 

Aware of his hesitation in approaching women, Priyanshu turned to experts for guidance. 

“I realized that to improve, I needed professional advice.” 

This quest led him to YourDOST, introduced to him through his college as a resource for psychological support. Before consulting YourDOST, Priyanshu tried overcoming his fears by chatting online, but misinterpretations led to a dent in his self-confidence. 

“The way my messages were perceived wasn’t how I intended, and it was disheartening.” 

Ms. Sagrika Palo, his counselor at YourDOST, played a pivotal role in his transformation. 

“From our very first session, her friendly and understanding approach made it easy for me to open up,” 

Priyanshu sought advice on two key areas: approaching women and self-improvement. Ms. Palo suggested starting with friendship and outlined love’s three principles: passion, intimacy, and commitment. 

“She emphasized that love is a process, not an overnight phenomenon.”

For self-improvement, she advised creating a table to analyze his strengths and weaknesses. Priyanshu diligently followed these methods. During his summer vacation, Priyanshu had the opportunity to put his learnings into practice.

“I met our new neighbors, and there was this girl I started having feelings for. Remembering Ms. Palo’s advice, I focused on building a friendship first.” 

The counseling sessions led to noticeable improvements in Priyanshu’s life. “My insecurities reduced significantly. I realized that working on myself was the key to becoming better in all aspects.” 

He found comfort in the platform’s security and ease of sharing personal experiences.

Priyanshu expresses deep gratitude towards Ms. Palo. 

“I’m thankful for her guidance and practical techniques that helped me overcome my challenges. The journey has been immensely beneficial.”

He advises others to seek expert help without hesitation. 

“Learning from professionals is faster and more effective than trying to figure everything out alone.” 

In terms of feeling better, Priyanshu rates himself 3.5 out of 5, indicating significant progress in his emotional wellness journey.

Priyanshu’s story with YourDOST is a testament to the transformative power of counseling in personal development and emotional health. His journey from an introverted youngster to a more confident and emotionally intelligent individual highlights the importance of seeking help and the positive impact it can have.

“Thanks to YourDOST, I’ve learned to approach life’s challenges with a new perspective and a stronger sense of self.” 

Priyanshu concludes, more assured and hopeful for the future.

His experience serves as an inspiration to many, especially those facing similar challenges in personal interactions and self-confidence. It underscores the value of professional guidance in achieving emotional wellness and personal growth.

Priyanshu’s Warrior Tips:
1.“Everyone should take advice from the experts. If we wait until we learn ourselves, it will take a lot of time than expected.”
2.“The first step to counseling is to take that brave step of going ahead and accepting yourself by communicating it with your counselor.”
3.“There is so much good in the world, and all it takes is a simple leap of faith to allow change to heal you from things that cause you pain.”

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