Dhruv’s Path to Inner Peace: Navigating Emotions with YourDOST

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Dhruv, a 27-year-old creative mind from Mumbai, carries the legacy of a rich educational background with a Master’s in New Media Design from NID Ahmedabad.

Coming from a close-knit family of five, including his mother, a professor, and his father, a long-term TCS employee, Dhruv’s life is a blend of traditional values and modern aspirations.

Despite the significant age gap between his two younger sisters, Dhruv shares a bond filled with admiration and playful curiosity. Secretly googling emoji meanings to keep up with Gen Z trends, he embodies the role of a caring and protective older brother.

Dhruv’s relationship with his parents, like many, has seen its share of fluctuations. The COVID-19 pandemic brought him back to the family home, leading to unforeseen challenges and friction, particularly with his mother. This shift in family dynamics pushed Dhruv to seek counseling to improve the situation and safeguard his mental well-being.

“Therapy wasn’t an alien concept to me. I witnessed its positive impact on my partner during her tough times and was encouraged to explore it myself.” 

His journey towards seeking professional help was driven by a desire not for validation, but for understanding his internal emotional landscape.

Ms. Nikita, Dhruv’s counselor at YourDOST, initially seemed too young for Dhruv to handle his complex situation. However, this perception soon changed as he embarked on his therapeutic journey.

 “I was skeptical at first, but Ms. Nikita’s empathy and understanding bridged the gap between us.”

Ms. Nikita introduced Dhruv to practices like self-affirmative conversations and journaling. These techniques helped him navigate his thoughts and feelings more effectively, leading to greater self-awareness and emotional clarity.

 “The exercises became tools of introspection, aiding in my journey towards self-realization.”

Dhruv expresses heartfelt gratitude to his counselor: 

Thank you, Ms. Nikita, for providing a space where I could freely express myself. Your guidance has brought calmness to my once tumultuous mind.”

Dhruv’s story with YourDOST vividly illustrates the transformative power of counseling in personal and emotional growth. His experience highlights the importance of understanding one’s emotions and the role of a counselor in facilitating this journey.

“Thanks to YourDOST, I’ve not only found peace in my familial relationships but also discovered a deeper understanding of myself. It’s a journey of self-discovery, reflection, and growth.”

His experience serves as an inspiration to many facing similar challenges, emphasizing the significance of seeking help and the impactful changes that can arise from professional counseling.

Dhruv’s Warrior Tips:
1.“Dont give attention to people who dont respect you, just keep going forward toward your destination and you will see things changing slowly.”

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