Vipul’s Transformation Through Challenges with Therapy: Navigating Life’s Symphony.

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Our warrior hails from the lively city of Mumbai, 35-year-old Vipul Chowhan. He has a thriving career and a loving family. He works in customer support at Pepperfry, seamlessly blending his skills with the dynamic rhythm of the city.

Nestled in the warmth of familial bonds, Vipul shared his young days with an elder brother and a younger sister. Their household echoed the harmonious chaos of typical Indian family life—playful fights, shared laughter, and the comforting rhythm of daily routines.

“I had a pretty decent childhood, all of us used to visit our grandparents during vacations. These were not just trips, but chapters of cherished memories.” 

Vipul was crumbling under immense stress. Work pressures as a professional in the customer support field were taking a heavy toll, and Vipul found himself exploding in frustration with the wrong people – especially his young daughter at home. It took a wake-up call from his concerned wife for him to realise he needed help, and fast. 

Vipul’s work pressure emerged as a dominant force, casting a shadow over both professional and personal spheres. The relentless demands of the professional arena became a breeding ground for stress, a pressure cooker where emotions simmered and brewed.

As the work-related strain intensified, it began seeping into the domestic landscape, mingling with the occasional familial differences. The continuous loop of workplace challenges followed them home, creating a disconcerting cycle where there seemed to be no respite.

With a young child in the equation, the parental instincts became an unintended outlet for the pent-up frustrations. The inability to express at the workplace translated into a cascade of emotions directed towards the innocent and unsuspecting child.

Vipul’s wife pointed out his escalating the intensity of the emotional outbursts.

“She gave me feedback that I was raging and hitting our child over even small mistakes,” Vipul recalls. That’s when he realised something was wrong with him and he needed to change.

Vipul knew of the counseling platform YourDOST through his company’s partnership with them but had never actually used it himself until now. He decided to seek expert help and get out of this vicious circle of stress. 

Vipul connected with Ms Janice to express how he felt about the work pressure and its effects. 

“Ms Janice was very calm and composed. She seemed knowledgeable despite being younger than me. Her efforts and techniques were quite helpful.” 

Ms Janice had a few exercises and techniques up her sleeves to help Vipul come out of this situation. There were techniques he could apply in triggering situations like perspective switching when his child misbehaved – imagining himself in her shoes. There were also breathing exercises to use when frustration boiled up.

“The techniques helped eradicate my issues and hyper-emotional reactions. It improved my situation.”

Ms Janice’s efforts and Vipul’s determination brought a positive change in his behaviour. 

“I’m thankful to Ms Janice for everything she has done. I couldn’t have done it without her help.”

After his therapeutic journey, Vipul felt positive changes within himself. Now when work problems arise, he no longer unleashes on his family, but instead draws from his learnings. He would handle the situation differently. 

The experience transformed not only Vipul’s home life but his entire outlook. He now advocates for others facing mental health challenges to give counseling a try.

Vipul rates himself an excellent 5 out of 5 in terms of getting better post-therapy sessions and believes that everyone should seek therapy when needed. It provides a new perspective and approach towards life. 

Vipul’s Warrior Tips:
1.“Maintain healthy relationships with friends and family. Social support plays a crucial role in emotional well-being.”
2.“Always prioritise yourself. Make self-care a non-negotiable part of your routine. Attend to your mental and emotional well-being just as you would for your physical health.”

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