Preethi’s Inspiring Tale of Breaking Free and Learning To Trust Her Instincts Through Therapy

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Hailing from Chennai, Preethi is a courageous and thoughtful woman. She is 30 years old and is a single mother to a vivacious four-year-old son. 

Her professional life flourishes in the IT Sector as a Software Developer at Freshworks. In the hours she carves out for herself, she indulges in health and fitness as a pact with herself to cherish her well-being. This ritual, though seemingly simple, became a beacon of strength in her tumultuous life. 

“My parents play a huge role in my life. They have helped me raise my son, and are always there to support me.” 

Her life, while exuding strength, carries the weight of a turbulent past. 

“I had a very stressful marriage. I experienced a lot of anxiety in my life and I did not know who to confide in about this.” 

Preethi mentions that this emotional turbulence contributed to her overthinking. Every issue and every problem in her marriage became an echo in her mind, a relentless monologue that left her sleepless and weary. 

“I started having constant headaches throughout the day. It became difficult for me to fall asleep most days, and started affecting my work life too.” 

The marriage led to a cloud of doubts, and she desperately sought validation that her decision to leave was the right one. She mentions that communicating with her ex-partner only contributed to arguments that were never resolved. 

Preethi’s fear of confiding in her friends and family left her isolated and trapped in her thoughts. She felt that no one would truly understand the storm that raged within her. 

It was at this precipice of despair that she decided to reach out for help. She came across YourDOST through her company’s partnership with the platform and decided to book her first session. 

Ms. Meera, her counselor, was the lighthouse that guided her through the uncertainty. She was more than just a counselor; she was a calm presence and a patient listener. 

“She did not aim to impose any answers on me. Rather, she helped me find certainty in my choices by myself.” 

In her gentle way, Ms. Meera encourages Preethi to put her thoughts to paper, to bring clarity out of the chaos. It was a catharsis that allowed her to release the negative energy that had consumed her. 

Meditation became her sanctuary, a practice that calmed her racing mind and soothed the turmoil in her heart. Slowly, but surely, the pieces of her once fractured soul began to heal. 

Over the years, as the counseling sessions unfolded, Preethi experienced a profound transformation. She became acutely aware of the inner workings of her mind and body. The unrelenting tide of overthinking, which had once swept her away, could no longer pull her under. She recognised patterns of stress and anxiety and began to think proactively, forging a pathway to calm her thoughts. 

“Before I met Ms. Meera, I felt that no one took the time to understand how I felt. She constantly reassured me that she would help me no matter what, like a true friend.” 

Preethi’s counselor had shown remarkable patience, even when she felt like she was repeating herself. She offered a safe space to lay bare her fears, her doubts and her pain. 

“More than anything else, I wanted someone to tell me that I was doing the right thing. Through counseling, I’ve learned to trust myself and make decisions with clarity and confidence.” 

Now, gazing at her reflection in the tranquil waters of her life, she rates herself a 4 out of 5 in terms of feeling better. She has emerged as a confident, resilient warrior who found hope even in the darkest of times. 

Preethi reminds us of the power of seeking help, embracing vulnerability and never losing faith in one’s capacity for growth and transformation. Amid her darkness, she found a way to ignite her light and emerged from the shadows, a true testament to the strength of the human spirit. 

Preethi’s Warrior Tips:
1. “When you feel stuck in a situation, take time to introspect and trust your instincts when making decisions.”
2.“Don’t spend your energy worrying about things you cannot control. Rather, focus on the present moment and how you can learn from the past.”

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