Here’s How Sasidhar Rewrote His Script of Growth With The Help of Therapy

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Uppuluri Sasidhar has been a resident of Bengaluru city for the past eight years. Bengaluru is home to a bustling startup scene and a thriving IT Industry. It is a melting pot of cultures, with people from all over the country and the world flocking to its cosmopolitan streets.

Uppuluri Sasidhar found solace in the realm of stories both within the pages and the frames of movies. As time passed, his love for reading, getting lost in stories, and his knowledge grew. By the time he reached UKG, he was proficient in reading Telugu and English. He cherishes every bit of sport, loves to play for fun and relishes his skills.

Growing up, Uppuluri cherished the simple joys of family life, relishing in the tales spun by his loved ones. He painted the shades of his unique personality on the canvas of his inquisitive nature and daydreaming. However, as he traversed the landscapes of his childhood, Uppuluri’s experiences began to unveil a deeper layer of his being.

Uppuluri Sasidhar just wanted to seek some answers related to what he was going through. Seeking answers and clarity, he embarked on a journey of self-discovery, exploring mental health and personal understanding.

“I just wanted to get clarity on whether I had ADHD. Since childhood, I felt there were symptoms. I used to be hyperactive and at the same time would zone out.”  

ADHD, which stands for Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, is a condition that can make it difficult for people to pay attention, control their impulses, and stay still. 

“Sleepwalking has been a long-standing challenge for me, made worse by stress. It can be difficult to manage at times.” 

Thoughts of attention deficit and sleepwalking haunted him, prompting him to reach out for guidance. His pursuit led him to the YourDOST platform. YourDOST has partnered with BYJUs to provide mental health support. Sasidhar decided to take therapy sessions, which proved to be a crucial experience after taking a call.

As the therapeutic journey progressed, Sasidhar could sense the difference within himself. It was a small yet impactful difference.  The stress levels and sleepwalking had drastically reduced with constant exercises. With each passing session, his confidence grew at large. He began to understand and connect at deeper levels with himself. 

“I was now well equipped to face any uncertainty or challenges in front of me. I was finally able to understand the importance of mental health. I will forever be grateful to Ms Janice for walking me through this transformational journey and creating the best environment.” 

Like the rising sun, Sasidhar’s life had lightened up with the clarity and answers related to all his queries. Sasidhar rates himself an excellent 5 out of 5 in terms of getting better after his therapy. 

Sasidhar’s Warrior Tips:
1. “Fear is the root cause of mental health concerns the only way to handle fear is to face it.”
2.“It’s okay to face it, fail in it and then bounce back stronger than before.”
3. “Seeking help is a sign of strength.”

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