Adarsh’s Story of Hitting Life’s Curveballs With Therapy

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Adarsh, a 26-year-old resident of Mumbai, is a PGDM student in Marketing and Sales from Birla Institute of Management and Technology. Playing Chess became a passion that propelled him to travel to different places and become a national-level player. He loves to travel and explore different places, his exploration had begun in his childhood. 

“I have lived in five states, and seven cities and have changed eleven schools. It was a rollercoaster ride altogether.”

Adarsh’s father had a transferable job that allowed him to soak in different and vibrant experiences across India. An odyssey marked by both the challenge of adaptation and the joy of exploration. 

The constant relocation, though not devoid of challenges, became a conduit for an array of cultural exposures, a journey of mixed emotions, both pros and cons seamlessly woven into the fabric of his narrative.

Adarsh was coasting through his college days when life threw him a major curveball. Just when he and his friends were revelling in the excitement of freshers’ parties, the first company for campus placements arrived, suddenly casting a grim shadow on the fun.

Adarsh felt additional stress due to scoring below 60% in the 10th standard – many top companies had set eligibility criteria he couldn’t meet. The next few weeks were agonising, watching his friends get selected while he sat dejected.

Additionally, placement stress caused a rough patch in his relationship. His attention and focus were completely shifted to his job placement, leaving his relationship on the back burner. 
The stress of a looming career and the burden of expectations, compounded together that pushed him to seek professional help. 

Adarsh turned to counseling to help navigate these struggles. He came across the app YourDOST through a college partnership and decided to give it a try. Little did he know this would be a pivotal moment.

In his first session, Adarsh connected with Ms Anita Eliza and found instant comfort in sharing his insecurities. The counselor intently heard his story and offered reassuring advice.

Ms Anita Eliza’s guidance helped resolve his relationship issues. It also gave him the strength to face difficult situations and manage them. Her reassuring advice to not overthink and take it step-by-step was a game changer.

“Ms Anita was my guiding light throughout this journey. I found relief in expressing what I was going through. Her calm and profound listening helped me understand myself and work on my weaknesses.”

The counselor helped him understand his emotions and reconcile difficulties with compassion.

“I will forever be grateful for the countless efforts that Ms Anita had put in. Her unconditional support during my volatile state of mind helped me to come through. Special mention to YourDOST as well for providing such needful service even at 2 AM.”

His transformational journey brought a lot of positive changes. Adarsh began noticing positive differences in his attitude and confidence. He has learned how to build inner resilience rather than be bogged down by problems.

Just before Diwali, he finally received that coveted placement letter! Adarsh was over the moon. For all the ups and downs, this felt like redeeming validation.

Adarsh’s story holds uplifting lessons for us all. When fate throws us for a loop, we don’t have to just resign ourselves to turmoil. We can seek help to build coping mechanisms, to gain wisdom that illuminates the way forward. 

Today, although Adarsh has new challenges being away from family and adjusting to a job, he rates himself a 4 out of 5 in overcoming his issues.

Adarsh’s Warrior Tips:
1. “When challenges arrive at your doorstep, don’t hesitate to seek support. It takes courage to admit one needs help. But at the end of the day, the only way out is through.”
2.“It’s okay to face it, fail in it and then bounce back stronger than before.”

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