Vishnu’s Uplifting Story Of Overcoming Placement Pressure through Counseling at YourDOST

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In the bustling city of Delhi, Vishnu, a brilliant mind, forged his academic path at IIT Tirupathi, fueled by an early fascination with science and technology. He is an M.Sc in Math graduate, and, growing up in a disciplined and orthodox environment, he navigated challenges with resilience.

Beyond academia, Vishnu found solace in body-building competitions and martial arts. These pursuits provided a balance to his intense academic life.
“I got to know about YourDOST as my college had a subscription with the organization as the official mental health support,” Vishnu shared.

Little did he know, this discovery would shape his journey profoundly. Amidst the competitive atmosphere at IIT, Vishnu’s mental health bore the brunt. The toxic environment prompted him to seek help.

“My first counseling session was overwhelming, as speaking about these things upfront was new to me and I took my time to get comfortable with my counselor.”

He recalled, realizing the importance of addressing the toll placement pressure was taking on him.

“I decided to seek counseling to handle placement pressure,” he explained. “Being a city topper made me realize that I should not settle for anything less.”

He explained how he booked his first session on the platform with his counselor, Ms. Meera Jayaprakash, his guiding light.

“For me, competition is just about becoming better and not necessarily about winning against somebody.”

Vishnu reflected, encapsulating his approach towards challenges. Despite facing sidelining due to his unconventional competitive mindset, Vishnu persisted. Techniques imparted by Ms. Meera, including physical exercises and self-validation, became his armour against self-doubt.

Vishnu revealed, “These techniques helped me feel courageous and boosted my confidence.”

He acknowledged that isolation and victimization were his coping mechanisms, but counseling empowered him to break free from those patterns. Through counseling, Vishnu learned the importance of internal validation.

“Sometimes you just have to do things by yourself instead of always having expectations,” he mused, embodying a newfound self-reliance.

In a heartfelt expression, Vishnu conveyed,

“Thank you for helping me learn and know better about myself. I am grateful to you for speaking with me and helping me realize that internal validation matters more than external.”

Vishnu’s journey, marked by resilience and self-discovery, illustrates the transformative power of counseling. YourDOST became not just a support system but a catalyst for Vishnu’s success, proving that emotional wellness is integral to achieving one’s full potential.

Vishnu’s Warrior Tips:
1. “Fear is the root cause of mental health concerns the only way to handle fear is to face it.”
2.“It’s okay to face it, fail in it and then bounce back stronger than before.”
3. “Seeking help is a sign of strength.”

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