Pratyay’s Journey from Darkness to Counseling Light

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Meet Pratyay, a 25-year-old pursuing a master’s in Psychology, and a lover of movies and books. Despite a cheerful childhood filled with adventures alongside his brother, Pratyay found himself grappling with a profound disconnect from reality. Obsessive thoughts and social withdrawal became a distressing norm until he discovered the guiding light of YourDOST.

“I really had fun all the time with my brother and I was a happy kid and we moved a lot. We never used to stay at one place for a long time.”

He mentioned that his parents are nice and that he is closer to his mother than his father. His father is a little strict but his mother is a little soft so he was closer to his mother he and his brother were really good friends and they used to hang out a lot.

He was introduced to YourDOST through his brother, an O.P Jindal Global University graduate, Pratyay embarked on his therapeutic journey as a dependent, seeking solace for his unspoken struggles.

“I was not able to relate with myself, I was not talking much I was keeping quiet and I was just staying with myself. I had very obsessive thoughts. I had ruminations all day and I didn’t know who to talk about all these issues and at that time I wasn’t even seeking therapy.”

Pratyay mentioned that he told his brother and he told him that there is this online Counseling Service membership so he was like you can use it if you feel like it. He began counseling at YourDOST like this.

“I remember this time where I was preoccupied with a lot of thoughts in my brain, and I needed to go back to feeling better.”

Ms. Nikita is the name of his counselor who is a clinical psychologist.

“My first impression of her was that I remember that there were many counselors I talked to like I think four or five counselors. Nikita was quite good, as she would listen to me and she would be non-judgmental and she would let me figure out what I was going through and let me explore.”

Nikita stood out from the crowd, allowing Pratyay to explore and understand his struggles. Together, they delved into false beliefs, social withdrawal, and obsessive thoughts, employing therapeutic measures for emotional healing.
Pratyay also mentioned that he spoke to another counselor who suggested with journaling.

“I was quite comfortable with her and she understood me at that time. It was basically a let out for all of the things I was feeling and there was no one to listen to me so it was a good way for me to express myself.”

Pratyay also describes how after seeking counseling regularly he was able to manage himself progressively, get up and out of bed, work with daily things that he has to do and stop procrastinating. 

“I mean they were quite helpful and they were approachable and they were able to be non-judgmental and helpful and quite sympathetic as well right.”

Reflecting on his journey, Pratyay rates himself a 3.5 post his therapy sessions, signifying progress and a newfound resilience.

Pratyay’s journey unveils the transformative power of counseling in illuminating the path from darkness to resilience. YourDOST, with its dedicated counselors like Ms. Nikita, becomes a guiding force, fostering emotional healing and empowering individuals to overcome challenges.

Pratyay’s tips and self-rating contribute to a narrative that resonates with those seeking support, reinforcing the message that no feeling is final and improvement is always possible through the right guidance.

Pratyay Warrior Tips:
1. “There’s always improvement happening around the corner like do not think things are like this is the final thing.”
2.“Don’t label yourself or don’t think you end your life or anything like that because no feeling is final.”
3.”If you’re going through something just keep hanging on and get all the support you can with.”

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