Transformative Triumph With Therapy: Akanksha’s Mental Health Odyssey Unfolded

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In the bustling halls of BYJU, where the pursuit of knowledge intertwines with life’s challenges, Akanksha, a 25-year-old Academic Centre Head, stands as a testament to resilience and personal growth. A resilient and determined woman, her life has been a rollercoaster of challenges, growth and self-discovery. Behind her confident demeanour lies a story of overcoming profound challenges, a journey that transformed her into the inspiring warrior she is today. 

When not juggling various pursuits, Akanksha unwinds by losing herself in the pages of a good book, nurturing her green thumb in her garden, or moulding clay into mesmerising pottery works.

Her childhood was typical, and her relationship with her family was harmonious. As the eldest daughter, she felt responsible for her younger siblings. She felt connected to her family and stood up for them when needed. 

In 2018, Akanksha suffered a massive loss of losing her father which resulted in a huge setback for her and her whole family. 

“There was no time to grieve; everything felt so unpredictable and confusing. A lot was going on in my head at that particular moment.” 

Akanksha was struggling after suffering a loss. The world’s weight rested on her shoulders as she grappled with the dilemma of continuing her studies or dropping out to support her family. A dense fog of indecision and worry clouded her judgment, casting her into deep uncertainty and anxiety.  

Financial struggles became a relentless storm, amplified by the pandemic that snatched away career opportunities. With a dose of financial savvy and support from loved ones, Akanksha managed to pursue her studies and support her family.

The following years were a string of setbacks, including the impact of the global pandemic and a painful separation from friends. Akanksha found herself wrestling with demotivation and emotional turmoil, reaching a point where thoughts of ending her life became a haunting reality. 

Akanksha refused to succumb to financial instability. Instead, she embraced the challenge and took responsibility for her family’s well-being. Earning through tuition classes, she demonstrated resilience in the face of adversity.

Akanksha desperately sought answers for the emotional turmoil she suffered. She turned away from any prescription or medications. After realising the partnership between her organisation and YourDOST to provide mental health support, she sought help from YourDOST.

Akanksha spoke to Ms Ashna Agarwal to step into a transformational journey and become the best version of herself. 

“Ms Ashna Agarwal became a very crucial part of my journey. She made it easy to unravel the layers of trauma. She was good and knew her job very well.” 

Ms Ashna helped her understand her emotions and how to cope. 

Ms Ashna suggested some exercises and techniques to overcome the emotional challenges that Akanksha has been facing lately. Various therapeutic techniques, such as mindfulness practices, helped her find solace in expressing her emotions. Letter writing and mindful breathing helped calm her anxiety. Journaling her thoughts helped her get clarity in her mind. 

Akanksha’s transformation became evident. She had discovered the power of therapy. She adopted mindfulness practices, learned to manage anxiety, and found solace in expressing her emotions. Her journey from the brink of despair to a space of self-discovery showcased an inner strength that had blossomed through adversity.

Akanksha could notice the evident changes after her therapy sessions. All the techniques and exercises became her driving force. These tools were instrumental in managing her anxiety and overthinking, bringing clarity and emotional release.

In a heartfelt expression of gratitude, Akanksha acknowledges Ashna Agarwal’s pivotal role. 

“Beyond a counselor, Ms Ashna was a pillar of support and a guiding presence in the darkest hours. I have been grateful for her constant efforts and support. I wish her all the best for her future endeavours.” 

Akanksha’s gratitude is a testament to the profound impact that empathetic support can have on one’s journey to healing.

Akanksha rates her transformational journey an excellent 4 out of 5 in terms of getting better post her therapy sessions. She has freed all the shackles and can aim to fly above the clouds. 

Akanksha’s Warrior Tips:
1. “I was a total mess back then, and I’m glad that I reached out for therapy and sought external help. I would recommend doing the same. It may be uncomfortable at first, but the result will be satisfying.”
2.“Always confront challenges. You are stronger than you can imagine. Humans are capable of incredible things, but we often limit ourselves.”

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