This is How Ria Found Her Wings Again With The Help of Therapy

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Ria, a 25-year-old grew up in the colourful state of Gujarat, balancing life between bustling cities and quiet villages. Surrounded by nature and animals, her childhood was filled with exploration and wonder. 

Riya’s array of hobbies and interests paints a vibrant picture of her diverse passions. The elegance and thrill of horse riding speak to her adventurous spirit. Her artistic side finds expression through painting, where she transforms canvases into a visual symphony of colours and emotions. Dancing brings out her emotions and expressions in the rhythm of movement. 

Academics were always a passion for her – she took pride in being a nerd, constantly buried in books. Studying psychology in school opened her mind to the intricacies of emotions and mental health.

Ria has two elder siblings who have been a source of immense support and guidance throughout her life. Their influence resembles that of second parents, providing a wealth of wisdom and experience. 

“Their unwavering support has played a pivotal role in shaping the person I am today, and I am grateful for the enriching relationship we continue to foster.”

As Ria entered young adulthood, the mounting pressure of academics finally took its toll. In her final year of studies, crippling stress destroyed her motivation and performance. For the first time, she struggled to study, crippled by anxiety and despair.

Negative thought patterns like “I’m not good enough” crept in, corroding her self-confidence. She describes feeling “under the bed” – completely lost, overwhelmed and hopeless. Studying no longer gave her a sense of purpose and achievement.

Lost in darkness, Ria knew she needed a ray of light to guide her back to shore. Ria’s friend suggested that seek help from YourDOST.  

Ria’s friend’s organisation Great Learnings had partnered with YourDOST to provide mental health support. She decided to seek therapy and things have been different ever since. 

Ria connected with Ms Sanjana Roy to seek her compassionate support. Ms Sanjana’s recommendation of following the Pomodoro technique helped her concentrate better and kept the excitement alive to focus on her studies. Another technique that helped her change perspective was analysing thoughts which made a lot of difference. 

Ria built resilience and stopped giving up each time anxiety reared its head. She regained hope and momentum in her studies, emerging with clarity and purpose from the dark clouds of stress. YourDOST helped her not only overcome academic anxiety but also gave her the tools to defeat future struggles.

Soon Ria faced another crushing challenge – the grief of losing a beloved pet. This emotional agony was more intense than anything she had experienced before. Again she turned to YourDOST, where counselor Ms Jyotsna helped her process the grieving in healthy ways.

“I’m grateful to both my counselors Ms Sanjana and Ms Jyotsna for coming into my life as a ray of hope to pull me out of this emotional disturbance. I’m thankful to their efforts.” 

Ria’s therapeutic journey brought a transformation from someone stuck in emotional turmoil to a resilient individual brimming with self-awareness. She learned to pinpoint her feelings instead of being overwhelmed by them. This clarity helped her take purposeful action to care for her mental health.

Equipped with techniques like journaling, meditation and reflecting before reacting, Ria emerged as her own life coach.  She understood progress was not linear – as long as she kept trying, she was growing.

Ria rates her transformation on a scale of 1 to 5 in terms of feeling better post-therapy sessions an excellent 3. She is a true warrior who overcame confusion over clarity and defeated anxiety. 

Ria’s Warrior Tips:
1. “Don’t wait until problems become enormous – seek help even for slight discomforts. Going to therapy should be as common as seeing a doctor for physical issues.”
3.”Let go of stigma around therapy. It is a logical choice for mental health, just like medicine for physical health. Seeking help is courageous.”

Team YourDOST

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