Suhas’ Journey: Transforming Anguish Into Resilience With The Help of Therapy

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T.W. Self Harm

Suhas is a 19-year-old undergraduate student from VIT Chennai. The city where the ocean whispers, gateway to South India. An undergraduate student on the cusp of completing his final year entangled in emotional turbulence. 

His love for innovation and curiosity brought him to pursue a B.Tech. In his free time, he fondly enjoys reading fictional books and also pens down powerful words.  

Suhass’ formative years unfolded like a map of geographical wanderings. Voyaged across the varied landscapes which included Kolkata, Lucknow and Indore. Each move brought new faces, unfamiliar cultures, and countless encounters that would leave unforgettable imprints on his soul. However, for the past 12 years, Delhi had been his sanctuary, his comfort place. 

Yet, beneath this geographical diversity lay a volcanic undercurrent- Suhas grappled with an explosive temper that had its roots in his childhood. His anger accompanied him throughout his journey at every stage of his life. 

The transition to college was like jumping into a hurricane, with its fierce winds and whirling chaos. The pace was relentless, and the demands of classes and activities were overwhelming.

“Things were very different in college. Strategies that worked for me to cope with my anger were failing. Adapting it was difficult. It was like learning to navigate a thorny maze without a map.” 

Suhas found himself in a drift of chaos struggling to fit in the tides of college life. Emotional imbalances can have a cascading effect on other areas of life, like relationships, work, and even physical health. They can also cause a cycle of negative thoughts and emotions that are difficult to break free from. These bubbles of negative emotions can become large boulders if ignored. 

“My emotions were all over the place and it pushed me to a brink where self-harming and suicidal thoughts overpowered.” 

Realisation dawned on Suhas that would be the catalyst for his transformation. He understood that he could no longer let his anger govern his life and that he needed to seek help to navigate through the tapestry of life. 

His college took strides in advocating for mental health awareness, urging students to speak up about their challenges and seek the support they needed. This collective effort created a safe space for everyone. 

Suhas realised how his college had partnered up with YourDOST an online sanctuary where troubled souls find solace and guidance. He embarked on a transformation journey and took the first step by booking the first therapy sessions. A beacon of hope towards his self-discovery. 

After skimming through a bunch of therapists, Suhas’ paths converged with Ms. Aakriti Mathur.  

“Ms Akriti was more than a listener, she effortlessly extended her hands to pull me through my despair. Her unwavering support and the ease with which she traversed between languages—English and Hindi—set the stage for a profound therapeutic journey.”

Suhas felt vulnerable at the initial stages of therapy and took his time to open up about his emotional whirlwind. With time, it became easier and more liberating for him. He began to understand that sharing one’s innermost struggles was not a sign of weakness, but an act of immense courage. 

“As far as my anger is concerned, it was a tough nut to crack. I realised that therapy doesn’t make things easier for you instead it helps you manage better.”

As Suhas reflects on his transformation journey, he acknowledges the profound impact it left on his life. Therapy did not eliminate his difficulties but armed him to face them with resilience and grace. The anger still lingers, the thoughts still intrude, but they no longer hold him captive. He has grown more self-aware and has learned to pick his battles more efficiently.

“I’m thankful for all the inputs and efforts that Aakriti put into helping me through my difficult times. I will forever be grateful for this. She pulled me out when I was drowning.”

Suhas rates his transformation an excellent 4 out of 5 in terms of getting better. He believes that learning never stops and it’s always good to have new experiences and come out of it becoming the best self.

Suhas’ Warrior Tips:
1. “The journey is never easy but it is surely worth it. You wouldn’t know until you take those steps yourself.”
2.“What happened to you is not your problem maybe it’s not even your fault but what you decide to do after that is your responsibility. Things can happen and you don’t control everything that happens. How do you live and how do you work with that is what matters.”

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