Vani’s Empowering Story to Emotional Wellness With YourDOST.

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Vani Bansal, a 38-year-old native of Himachal Pradesh, currently resides in Bengaluru and works as a senior analyst in the gaming industry. Her pursuits include reading books and finding solace in spiritual music, contributing to the constant endeavour of self-improvement. 

Vani maintains a goal to enhance herself daily. She is grateful for the supportive people in her self-development journey and feels blessed to have them. 

“My goal in life is to become a better person with each passing day and my actions are the results.” 

Vani’s familial bonds are marked by joy and admiration. Growing up in a joint family with four cousins and one sibling, she cherishes memories of shared play, time, and occasional conflicts, fostering connections with both elders and younger family members.

Vani felt that her work life was unsettling and needed clarity. The situation escalated when she received a tempting job offer from another organization, which, rather than bringing joy, left her feeling unhappy and sceptical about the circumstances surrounding it. 

Upon receiving the offer, she found herself in self-doubt, questioning why they would extend such an offer and why they chose her. This added a layer of uncertainty and discomfort to her professional journey.

Her initial struggles at work were marked by impatience and sleepless nights. The burden of overthinking various scenarios weighed heavily on her, contributing to a pervasive sense of restlessness.

“I feel I have slight anger issues as well. If I get angry it might come out in the form of shouting but I’m trying to control it now.”

Vani realised that she needed guidance to overcome the challenges she was facing and take control of the situation in time. She knew about the partnership of her organisation Junglee Games and YourDOST to provide mental and emotional health solutions to all. 

Vani connected with Ms Jumana Khan who identified her strengths and weaknesses, providing tailored tips for growth. Her decision to speak to her turned out to be right and she continued her sessions. Seeking insights into her work-related challenges, Vani received valuable advice from Ms Jumana, helping her navigate her professional journey.

Ms Jumana Khan suggested a few valuable tips to overcome her challenges like box breathing and favourite place thinking, which Vani diligently incorporated into her routine. These practices aided in overcoming overthinking and anger issues, fostering positive changes in her overall well-being.

Vani’s counseling journey was rewarding and the changes were subsequent. 

With Ms Jumana’s practical techniques and my constant efforts, I was able to overcome the challenges and issues that I was facing.”

Vani’s once cranky demeanour gave way to improved work-life balance, reduced overthinking, and enhanced communication skills. The positive changes extended beyond her professional life, contributing to a more content and balanced personal life.

Expressing deep gratitude for the impactful guidance received, “I’m grateful to Ms Jumana for helping me out during one of the most difficult phases of my life. Thanks to YourDOST for providing the platform to resolve mental health issues.” 

The counseling sessions played a pivotal role in her positive transformation. She rates her transformation an excellent 4 out of 5 in terms of getting better post her therapy sessions and highlighting the significant positive impact on her personal and professional life.

Vani’s story stands as a testament to the transformative possibilities that lie in acknowledging the need for support and seeking professional help.

Vani’s Warrior Tips:
1.“I encourage others to seek help, speak to experts for once and later decide if you want to continue or not because I have learned from my journey that every problem has a solution. It might take more time than expected but surely you;ll find the way.”
2.“Fight the stigma around mental health as it is important for people to normalise taking therapy so that people who need it don’t shy away from it.”

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