Aparna’s Symphony of Healing With Therapy at YourDOST.

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Aparna, a vibrant 34-year-old digital marketing content professional working at BYJUs. She is also a devoted mother and has always found solace in music. 

Aparna spent her entire formative years in the coastal city of Chennai. It’s been a year since she moved to Bangalore for her job where she resides with with her amazing 5-year-old daughter. Beyond her professional life, music serves as her cherished hobby and a source of comfort.

“I like to sing and also listen to music to enjoy my time and rest for a bit from the daily routine.”

Aparna, like many others, faced moments in life when the weight of emotions became suffocating. The inability to express herself left her feeling isolated, with no one to confide in. 

The longing for therapy had always lingered, yet various barriers hindered her journey to emotional well-being. The search for the right therapist, financial constraints, and a lack of awareness acted as roadblocks. However, fate took a positive turn when she joined BYJUs in 2020 and discovered the partnership with YourDOST.

This revelation marked a pivotal moment for Aparna. Despite initial reservations, she decided to explore the therapeutic path, starting with the text feature. The urgency stemmed from a deep-seated belief that therapy could equip her with the tools to navigate her emotions effectively. A heightened awareness of mental health issues, particularly instances of tragic outcomes due to untreated conditions, fueled her determination to take this step.

The journey commenced with cautious steps, venturing into the unknown territory of therapy. 

Aparna, not naturally inclined to be an open book, found herself gradually unravelling her thoughts and emotions with each session. The counselor, Ms Ranjitha K guided her through a challenging phase in her marriage. 

Recognising the need for personal growth in relationships, she embarked on a journey of self-improvement.

As the sessions unfolded, Aparna delved into her early childhood memories and explored her relationship with her mother. This introspection unearthed a Pandora’s box of emotions, triggering anxiety and sadness. 

Ms Ranjitha K skillfully recommended therapeutic techniques like journaling and writing a letter to her younger self to confront and process these emotions. It helped her channelise and process the deep-seated emotions. 

Through the therapeutic process, Aparna achieved significant breakthroughs. She not only identified the root causes of her distress but also honed the skill of grounding herself during turbulent emotional storms. Clarity and direction emerged from the fog of confusion, providing her with the tools to navigate life’s challenges.

“I’m thankful to Ms Ranjitha K for the learnings and insights she provided along the journey. She is the reason why I advocate therapy for those traversing rough emotional terrains.”

Aparna’s understanding of therapy underwent a profound transformation. Her ability to confront and work through her emotions not only brought relief but also ignited a passion for championing mental health. 

Aparna rates her transformation journey an excellent 3 out of 5 and she still thinks there is scope for improvement. She will continue to contribute towards her better self. 

Aparna’s story echoes the resilience within, reminding everyone that the power to heal is within reach for those willing to embark on the journey.

Aparna’s Warrior Tips:
1.“There is no problem that you cannot solve. Talk about it, and you’ll find a solution.”
2.“Patience and self-belief are very strong weapons for you. Use it for your good to overcome difficult challenges.”

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