Yash’s Story of Triumph: Challenges To Changes With Therapy.

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Ahmedabad is the jewel of Gujarat. This metropolis, nestled along the tranquil west coast of India, impresses with its rich heritage and dynamic atmosphere. Yash is a 25-year-old resident of this vibrant city. 

Yash works as a manager in Croma and finds joy in playing cricket and exploring the world, especially in different seasons. His childhood was a tapestry of love and joy. Being the only child in his family, he received ample affection and grew up in a warm and supportive environment. 

However, life’s journey took an unexpected turn during the lockdown. Yash faced a tumultuous period in both his personal and professional life. Despite his initial career stability, he took a bold step to seek change and explore new horizons. 

Unfortunately, the timing, amidst a global pandemic, led to a year-long struggle to find a new job. 

During this challenging phase, Yash was contributing to his father’s business, a temporary measure while relentlessly applying for new job opportunities. Simultaneously, he grappled with the emotional aftermath of a personal breakup, compounding his mental distress.

Feeling lost and blank, Yash wanted a guiding light to navigate through the gulleys of these challenges. 

“I had no idea what to do. I knew I had taken a decision and it did not turn out to be right due to circumstances. I needed some advice and help.” 

Yash soon realised the partnership his organisation had with YourDOST to provide mental and emotional health support. He decided to seek help and booked his session.

Yash connected with Ms Sanjana Roy to discuss his hardships and seek answers. Ms Sanjana’s support extended beyond the professional realm, providing solace and guidance in Yash’s personal life as well. Her approach was problem-oriented, focusing on solutions and tangible steps to overcome challenges.

Ms Sanjana recognised Yash’s struggle with overcoming a personal breakup. She devised a unique approach – a 10 to 15-day task-oriented homework. Whenever thoughts of the past relationship surfaced, Yash was to divert his mind towards his hobbies, particularly playing cricket and exercising. This tailored strategy aimed to shift Yash’s focus and facilitate emotional healing.

“Her tailored efforts and strategies helped me exponentially. I’m glad to have connected with her to get practical solutions to overcome my challenges.” 

Yash’s transformation post these exercises and therapy sessions was profound. He noticed a surge in his confidence. Previously reliant on others for emotional support, he now stood tall, confident in his ability to navigate life’s challenges independently.

Yash shed hesitations and judgments, focusing on being his best self. His transformation extended to his outlook on relationships; he embraced clear thoughts about mutual efforts and compatibility.

“For me, Ms Sanjana wasn’t just a regular counselor but a constant supporter. Her friendly demeanour and unwavering support played a pivotal role in helping me move forward. I will forever be grateful to her.” 

Yash found an anchor in YourDOST, emerging not just stronger but wiser, ready to face the undulating waves of life. He rates his transformational journey an excellent 4 out of 5 in terms of getting better and wishes to stay motivated and achieve new heights.

Yash’s Warrior Tips:
1.“Life is a series of ups and downs; hold on for a bit, be patient. The tides always turn so patience is the key.”
2.“Everything happens for a reason; the realisation dawns after overcoming adversity. You will embrace the learning you get from hardships.”
3.“Embrace change, for it brings growth and understanding.”

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