Vaibhav’s Journey From Darkness to Light with Therapy.

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Meet Vaibhav – a talented 35-year-old UX designer from Delhi NCR who creates incredible user experiences at Xebia. With his sharp eye for detail and creativity, he’s making waves in the industry and pushing boundaries with his innovative ideas. 

Vaibhav’s childhood was woven within the embrace of a nuclear family, comprising his father, mother, and younger sister. The familial bonds held a warmth that painted the canvas of his early years with love and shared moments.

Vaibhav was in the 10th grade when his father’s loss cast a shadow of grief, and life took an unexpected turn. The sudden loss was challenging for the family, especially for Vaibhav.

In the face of adversity, his mother took the responsibilities and challenges that life presented, ensuring that the financial burdens did not compromise the family’s well-being.

“I was young and didn’t know much. I’m grateful to my mother for raising me and showing fierce courage and determination.” 

She not only assumed the role of the sole provider but also shielded the family from the emotional and financial impacts of their loss. 

Vaibhav found himself at a crossroads when his entrepreneurial venture encountered financial turbulence. At that juncture, he made a pivotal decision to prioritise a shift in career paths over the struggling business. This choice, however, became a turning point not just professionally but also personally.

Vaibhav faced an unexpected challenge in his personal life. The woman he was in a relationship with did not lend the support he anticipated when he communicated his decision to leave the business. 

The emotional toll of this disconnect with a significant other, coupled with the financial strain from his business struggles, plunged Vaibhav into a state of profound distress.

“The emotional distress that I had transcended during this period was humongous, it manifested as a tangible, physical ache.”

Vaibhav found himself navigating the storm alone. He found a robust anchor in the form of his family. His mother emerged as a pillar of strength, offering unwavering support and reassurance.

Vaibhav found solace in the support of his family, particularly his sister. She took him to career workshops to help spark new interests. She even enrolled in an online UX design course with him, just to keep him company and make him feel supported.

Vaibhav’s sister also pushed him to see a psychiatrist and therapist. He was diagnosed with clinical depression and began taking medication.

Vaibhav soon realised that his organisation had partnered with YourDOST to provide mental health support. He grabbed the opportunity and booked a session. 

Vaibhav connected with Ms Daisy Jagadeshan to discuss his emotional journey. Her supportive and kind nature in helping others impressed him. She was a great listener and found comfort in her presence. 

Ms Daisy had a few recommendations and homework for Vaibhav to help him cope with his difficulties. Journaling helped him reconstruct his thoughts. Cognitive restructuring allowed him to identify his emotional patterns and perspective.

“I don’t even know how grateful I am to Ms Daisy. She came into my life when I was in the darkest place imaginable. I will forever be grateful for her efforts and for helping me come through this situation.” 

Reflecting on his progress, Vaibhav acknowledges substantial personal growth. Through therapy and medication, he experienced a remarkable improvement in his mood, transitioning from hopelessness to a newfound sense of hope and optimism.

A fundamental shift in mindset has been a cornerstone of Vaibhav’s transformation. He rates his transformation journey a 3 out of 5 in terms of getting better after his therapy session. He believes that to reach perfection he still has the road to cover and he will make it. 

Vaibhav’s Warrior Tips:
1.“Treat your mental health similar to your physical health, regular body checkups and regular emotional checkups can work wonders.”
2.“The first step can be hard but trust me and trust the process you will see the results eventually. Always remember to express your emotions with your close ones.”

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