Sahil’s Story of Crisis to Clarity with Therapy.

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Sahil Poddar, 36 years old, hails from Alwar Rajasthan, a city known for its rich history and notable monuments.  His educational journey involved a degree in Pharmacy and an MBA which brought him into a pharmaceutical company. 

Sahil’s professional odyssey commenced, ascending the corporate ladder through various roles with his ambition and dedication. Each role added a new stroke to his canvas, contributing to a nuanced understanding of the industry. 

Sahil shares that, he is devoted to fueling his mind and spirit. Whether through diving into a thought-provoking book, scouring the web for insightful articles on leadership and positivity, or immersing in spiritual practices. His hobbies involve expanding his knowledge. 

“I love to travel and explore new places, and working in the marketing industry allows me to do so with my family.”

Sahil had a difficult childhood marred by financial struggles. Coming from a modest family where the elusive dance with money remained a persistent struggle. His mother was a dedicated school teacher and his father was involved in setting up business ventures. Sahil determined from an early age that establishing financial stability would be a key goal in his life. 

The pandemic of 2020 cast a shadow of doubt and apprehension around the globe. In the fast-paced world of corporate dynamics, Sahil found himself at a crossroads, facing a challenge that demanded both resilience and adaptability. An imminent optimisation in his working role brought a cascade of uncertainties. Money, the lifeblood of financial stability could have become a challenge due to optimisation. 

“The sudden shift brought an urgency, demanding proactive decisions within a limited timeframe. A crucial choice lay ahead — select another position within the organisation in the given timeframe or risk looking for other opportunities.” 

Sahil made a spontaneous decision that transformed into a catalyst for personal and career evolution. In the pursuit of balance, he explored strategies that could shield his state of mind. He has always been quick on his toes. He immersed himself in the sea of self-help content to overcome distressing COVID times. 

With an intentional effort to emerge stronger, he felt the need for psychological assistance for a deeper understanding of the intricate psychology of the mind.

Sahil came across the YourDOST platform via his organisation. He recalls how his organisation had partnered with YourDOST to provide mental health solutions to their employees. He signed up and decided to avail counseling services. It has been a tremendous journey for him and shaped his future for good. 

Sahil spoke to Ms Nimisha Katare and shared his story with her. She was attentive and surprisingly had an in-depth understanding of the corporate world. It sets her apart from everyone else, having a knack of the corporate intricacies. Every session with her had become a guiding path to a better version of himself. 

“I was glad to have interacted with Ms Nimisha. Our discussion helped shape my professional ethics. I understood what to say when to say, how to say.” 

Ms Nimisha Katre recommended a few exercises and techniques for him to incorporate into daily life. Deep breathing exercises helped him relax his mind in difficult situations. Along with it, there were a few mind techniques to maintain the serenity and peace within. 

Sahil’s transformational trajectory revealed that he was able to cope with the organisational shift easily. His career-related doubts cleared into thin air post his effective therapy sessions with his counselor. 

The whole process helped equip Sahil with all the relevant ammunition to deal with the challenges posed at every corner of the road. 

“I must say that I have deep gratitude for her because she helped me in the most crucial times. She helped me with my corporate issues and personal issues as well. I will forever be thankful to her.”

Sahil rates his transformation journey a solid 4 out of 5 in terms of getting better after his therapy sessions. He believes progressive change that happens every day with small steps.

Sahil’s Warrior Tips:
1.“I would like to suggest everyone speak to your close ones and if that does not work out, seek help from the counselor. They will always have the answer that you’re looking for.”
2.“We all need to understand that, it’s us who will have to take the first step. Once you get past that hesitation it just becomes easier.”

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