Unveiling Radiance: Nikita’s Journey of Self-Healing and Transformation with YourDOST.

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In the heart of Kota, Rajasthan, amidst the bustling city, our resilient warrior Nikita Sharma, 32 years old, a seasoned cosmetologist, embarked on a transformative journey with a goal in mind—seeking therapy for the impending milestone of her life. 

Nikita is known for her ambition and unwavering self-belief. With a hardworking spirit that knows no bounds, she embodies the essence of determination and tenacity. Her story is a testament to her never-giving-up attitude and a beacon of self-dependence. 

Nikita’s childhood was marked by struggle. The loss of her father introduced her to the early facets of responsibilities and challenges. She was close to her family members. The loss of her father caused her family to be separated, leaving her feeling uncertain about the future. They began living with distant relatives. 

“I have always been the responsible one in my family. Responsibilities bound me from the early years. I got caught up with my responsibilities and did not marry.”

Nikita burnt the midnight oil and established her successful venture. She reunited with all her family members and siblings to live together. 

As Nikita approached her early thirties, the weight of unmet expectations loomed. Despite being a responsible and independent woman, she found herself caught in the conundrum of choosing a life partner. The fear of solitude gnawed at her, and the quest for the right companion seemed like an elusive dream.

“I was confused and needed clarity from someone who could guide me. It was time for me to tie the knots but I had seen a lot of failed marriages which made me pushed me into a dilemma.” 

Her confusion grew at large when choosing a partner had become a never-ending task.

“I’m very choosy and I pretty much know what I want for myself. Since the beginning itself, I was someone who liked to control everything and thus wanted everything to happen as per my requirements.” 

The everyday hustle and stress brought sleepless nights for Nikita. It was getting difficult for her and she desperately needed a guiding light to pass through the tunnel. The path ahead seemed shrouded in mist. 

Nikita’s brother introduced her to the YourDOST platform as it had partnered with Jawahar Lal Nehru University to provide mental health solutions to all the students and its faculty. 

In her pursuit of clarity, Nikita found solace in the counseling sessions with Ms P Kailasa. Initially sceptical, she gave the process a chance to understand and get clarity. 

Ms P Kailasa recommended a few exercises and techniques for her to follow and overcome the difficulties that she was facing. To counter her sleepless nights, Nikita engaged in brain exercises and sleep meditation. 

After a few therapy sessions, Nikita embraced the therapeutic journey that she had traversed. Affirmations became her daily mantra, and journaling provided a canvas for her thoughts. A habitual logical argument with herself took on a new meaning. Instead of writing, she began to speak to herself, filtering her thoughts to the most profound. 

“All the confusion was replaced by clarity and I found all the answers to my complex questions. This whole journey has emerged as a beacon of hope to keep moving forward in life.” 

Nikita finds herself to be in a better place mentally because of all the techniques and exercises. It has brought calm and clarity over her clouded head. As she reflects on her journey, she rates herself an excellent 5 out of 5 in terms of getting better post her therapy sessions which have made her self-equipped to handle all the challenges that life poses at her.

Nikita’s Warrior Tips:
1.“Every problem comes with a solution. We just need a guiding light to find the solution hidden in the darkness. Counseling is the best method for guidance.”
2.“Self-healing is a necessity for everyone. Being dependent on medicines would not do any good, it is not the right solution.”
3.“Stress, if left unattended morphs into a silent adversary. Always make sure to be stress-free.”

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