Embracing Resilience: Adithya’s Transformational Journey From Caterpillar to A Butterfly with Therapy.

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Our warrior Adithya, 21 years hails from Kurnool, Andhra Pradesh. His life unfolds—a tapestry woven with threads of self-discovery and healing—an ambitious undergraduate CSE student from G Pulla Reddy Engineering College. In the last hour of his graduation, he reflects on the journey he has had.

Adithya is a reserved and introspective soul navigating the complexities of human connections. His propensity to prioritise others over himself and give his all shaped his character. 

Growing up, his childhood was simple, beautiful, yet chaotic as he calls it. Raised by a young mother and an emotionally distant father, left a void that added intricacy to his formative years. 

Adithya’s childhood curiosity and artistic flair have earned him the moniker of a “bookworm.” Libraries became his sanctuaries, where he not only indulges in reading but also creates stories, demonstrating his interest in reading and weaving stories. 

Intrigued by science and physics, fate steers him toward a path of computer science, initiating his college journey. 

“My college journey was a mix of experiences. Wrestling with mistakes, navigating through friendships and other challenges.”

In the kaleidoscope of life, Adithya found himself surrounded by a vibrant array of friendships, each connection painted with hues of camaraderie and shared moments. Adithya found himself among a group of skilled friends and felt inferior compared to them. He was a compassionate soul, offering importance and care generously to those he called friends. 

Despite the closeness with his friends, an echoing void resonated within him, hinting that perhaps the depth of these bonds wasn’t always reciprocal. Adithya’s selfless nature made him a magnet for those seeking to take advantage of his kindheartedness, placing him on a treacherous path where his innocence became a liability. 

“During those tumultuous moments, it felt as though I was trapped in a pitch-black cave with no clear escape route.”

Yet, even in the face of such challenges, his tender spirit served as a beacon of hope, attracting those who saw him as a cherished treasure and a rare gem of goodwill.

Adithya realised how his college had partnered with YourDOST to provide mental health support. He reached out to YourDOST to navigate through the building stress. 

Adithya connected with Ms Titli Sarkar to discuss his troubling thoughts. He began with the initial steps which helped him unravel his emotions. 

Ms Titli Sarkar was kind to me and gave me every space to share my feelings. I also made myself very patient and calm to listen to what she had to offer. The best part was she knew what to suggest and what would work the best. It helped me in my journey.” 

Titli knew about his love for reading and suggested a few self-help books to read. She recommended breathing exercises to put his mind at ease. Journaling and revisiting his hobbies pushed him into a transformation. 

“Inspired by the books and many philosophers’ thoughts, I wish to quote,

“Be brave enough to be kind, be gentle enough to be bold be strong enough to be weak, and Get beyond love and grief: exist for the good of Man.”

Adithya was inspired by the principles of Miyamoto Musashi which helped him formulate his understanding and strategies. 

The therapy process became a profound journey of self-acceptance and understanding. Ms Titli’s approach empowered Adithya to face difficulties independently. 

“I hold the highest regard for Ms Titli Sarkar her guidance pulled me from the depths of despair.  Honestly, I would have been in a miserable situation if she wouldn’t have been there.” 

Reflecting on his transformation journey so far, Adithya rates it a 3.5 out of 5 in terms of getting better and acknowledges the progress while recognising the ongoing nature of self-discovery. 

“A journey from vulnerability to strength, guided by the healing power of therapy and self-realisation. I have come a long way but there’s still some road to cover.” 

Adithya’s Warrior Tips:
1.”Sometimes, it’s better to leave certain things unsaid and untouched. It’s important to make peace with them and move on.”
2.“There are a few self-help books that I would like to recommend, Atomic Habits, Power of Positive Thinking and War and Peace by Leo Tolstoy.”

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