Bolstering the Future: Parth’s Journey from Academic Anxiety to Triumph.

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Parth is a 19-year-old student studying at Vellore Institute of Technology Chennai. Whether it’s Formula 1 or MotoGP, his love for anything on wheels is unmatched. 

Apart from fast cars, Parth also enjoys swimming, playing board games, especially Dungeons and Dragons, and video games like Overwatch. Currently pursuing Mechanical Engineering at VIT Chennai, Parth was born in Mumbai but has moved around quite a bit.

When Parth entered his first exam season at VIT, little did he know the emotional turmoil it would cause. Having lived away from home for the first time in a new city, the expectations of the prestigious university already weighed heavily on Parth. But failing his math exam brought his worst fears to life.

“I had tanked it bad. To say I tanked it is an understatement. It was the first time I had encountered this kind of academic pressure.”

Parth recalls. Self-doubt, anxiety and fear of failure crept in. He started second-guessing his decision to move away from home and come to college. Comparing his life to friends back home added to the stress.

Not knowing how to cope, Parth struggled to even open his books, let alone study. 

“I was trying to willfully be ignorant of how much I didn’t know. The fear itself of opening a book and evaluating how much I had to cover was intimidating.” 

Parth knew he needed help but was unsure where to find it. That’s when he knew he needed an expert’s help, someone who would help him come out of this vicious whirlpool. 

Parth realised how his college provides mental and emotional support via the partnership with YourDOST to all the individuals who need it. He connected with Ms Rashmi to share his thoughts and seek practical solutions.

“Ms Rashmi had a certain warmth in her attentiveness. She always tried to let me speak out completely which made it easy for me to open up.”

Ms Rashmi helped Parth identify and process all the anxiety, self-doubt and fear he was experiencing. She gave him breathing techniques to cope whenever he felt overwhelmed. 

To help him get back to studying, Rashmi suggested studying in the library where he won’t get distracted by his phone. Keeping the phone in a drawer when at home was another useful tip.

The box breathing technique Rashmi taught proved extremely helpful to calm Parth’s mind before exams. This technique became a part of his everyday routine which calmed and relaxed his mind.

Parth’s transformation from a severely anxious student to one boldly facing academic challenges head-on shows the incredible impact counseling can have. With support, self-belief and some useful coping techniques, Parth regained control of his student life.

“I’m extremely thankful to Ms Rashmi. Her dedication and availability during unconventional times have been commendable. She is not just a mere counselor but a source of inspiration. I still have tension though I don’t have the fear anymore.”

Parth overcomes his fear of exams. His step to seek help came out to be a bold decision and a step towards betterment. He has learned a lot throughout this process and the whole journey has been enlightening for him. He rates his transformation a solid 4 out of 5 in terms of getting better post-therapy.

Parth’s Warrior Tips:
1.“Always remember to put your problems into perspective even writing emails to your younger self to highlight achievements and victories would do wonders.”
2.“Be courageous to face the challenges thrown your way, stay strong tough times shall pass.”

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